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Revealed: the recipe for career satisfaction

by 11/29/2016

A recent infographic from career-matching platform Sokanu examined the happiness of workers in America, and how job satisfaction varies across both profession and location. According to the data, the happiest places to work include Hawaii, West Virginia, and Maine, while

Managing Conflict Between Generations

by 11/15/2016

Feeling like a dinosaur in the workplace? So does your 25-year-old millennial coworker. No matter your age or industry, the younger generation can feel like a workplace threat. As technology advances faster and faster, companies are hungry for employees who

Fast-Growing Home Health Industry Helps Meet Needs of Sandwich Generation

by 11/09/2016

Americans are living longer. This, combined with the fact that many couples are waiting until later in life to have children, has created a situation that is quickly developing into a semi-crisis for those responsible for elder care. Even as

How can you create the perfect social media profile in the workplace?

by 11/08/2016

The power of social media within business – both for individual professionals and organisations as whole – is growing. It gives companies the power to amplify sales, win new contracts, update shareholders and influence audiences.  In addition, social media is

How to Succeed When You’re Risk Averse

by 11/07/2016

I started Walk West when I was a guy with a laptop and a dream. Looking back, that dream wasn’t complex, evolved, or even nuanced. The dream was not working for anyone else… and it really was as simple as

8 Reasons to Hire a Young Executive

by 11/04/2016

Today, age is no longer a detriment to success. In fact, about 20 percent of companies have hired executives as young as 30 and below according to a study conducted by CareerBuilder and Generation Y or millennials, as we call

Business Lessons From Howard Schultz: Make Them Look Good

by 11/01/2016

Theatre improvisers have a mantra: make your partner look good. This philosophy sits at the core of strong ensemble work. Improv shows can very quickly fall apart if one performer is prepared to trample all over the other performers to

Product Problems: How Great CEOs Demonstrate Accountability

by 10/27/2016

As a CEO, it’s one of the worst types of news you can hear: your product failed and someone was harmed – and worse yet, it wasn’t a one-time event. Rather, you’ve produced and sold countless flawed products. Who can

Coordinating Between IT Departments Using Technology Everybody Can Understand

by 10/24/2016

No one gets to the moon alone. If you’ve ever wondered how the first astronauts landed in space, you’ll realize just how much the value of teamwork is. Teamwork makes teams work. So good coordination between departments is essential.  In

The Innovation Audit: are you breeding a culture that is creating or killing ideas?

by 10/17/2016

Many leaders who have been given the directive to ‘build a culture of innovation’ immediately think about the Googles and Apples of the world. Images of beanbags and table-tennis tables fill their minds. However, what we know from the research

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