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How To Contribute To The CEOWORLD Magazine?

A. CEOs and high-level executives from all over the world collaborate to create “a wealth of practical content” discussing strategy, expert opinion, analysis, trends, opportunities and challenges facing leading business leaders.

This is an invitation-only program, so Guest Columnists must be invited by CEOWORLD Magazine to join.

Q. How to Get a “Guest Columnist” program Invite?

A. If you are interested in becoming a Guest Columnist, please submit your inquiry to:

Q: Who is sharing articles to The CEOWORLD Magazine ?

A: Top Titles: Founder, Chief Executive, Business Owner, Director, Marketer, President, Vice President, Senior manager, Editor, and Managing Director

Top Industries: Information Tech and Services, Marketing and Advertising, Public Relations and Comm, , Writing and Editing, Internet, Computer Software, and Online Media

“Guest Columnist” program guidelines – what we’re looking for?

We’ve put together the following guidelines to explain what we are looking for and what makes a successful contribution under our Guest Columnist Program.

Q: Article length?
This is not a hard and fast rule (700 words, up to 2,000 words)

Q. What about link policy and so on?
Our Editors scrutinize every link contained in contributed articles. Our Editors may require links to be removed or edited “Follow Links” or “No Follow.” If placement of links is your goal, then CEOWORLD Magazine is not a good fit for you, and it will save time for everyone if you look elsewhere.

Topics: Business, technology, economics, or social media. - we reject self-promotional articles or those that are advertorial in nature.

Q: What about article style and so on?
A: An original viewpoint – lists, tips, tricks or how-to, opinion, analysis, or expert advice – We frequently make edits, such as fixing grammar and spelling, add or remove some text/image, revising introductions for better emphasis, add or remove or change rankings, and breaking up long sentences or paragraphs, without permission of the author.

Q: May I promote my site, service, product or book within my articles?
A:  No. Articles published under the Guest Columnist Program are for the benefit of readers, and as a secondary benefit they demonstrate your expertise and thought leadership.  Readers want to read valuable information, advice, tips and insights — not a sales pitch.

Q: Do I get a credit or byline?
A:  Yes, of course!  Each Guest Columnist receives a byline, including a short “About the Author” bio that appears at the end of each published article.  You can list up to 4 social media profiles, to encourage readers to connect with you. These include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+.  Your “About the Author” section should be informational in nature, and not a call to action — your article will have more authority that way.

Below is an example:

Q: I’ve written another article somewhere else. Can I republish it on the CEOWORLD Magazine?

A:  No.  We repeat: under the “Guest Columnist” program we take original contributions only.

Q: May I republish or reproduce my article after publication on CEOWORLD Magazine?
A:  Article contributions cannot be republished or removed or reproduced after publication. CEOWORLD Magazine is granted all publishing rights to submitted articles and guest columnists are not permitted to republish article contributions unless special, written permission is granted.

Q: May I just submit a single article?
A:  We take a long term view, and are not interested in one-off articles. You are expected to contribute up to 3 articles a week over the initial 6-week period to demonstrate the quality and quantity of the content. So you need to be prepared to work hard.

CEOWORLD Magazine does not offer any monetary compensation for guest posts at this time.

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How Can I Submit Application for the  “Guest Columnist” program?

  1. If you’re interested in the “Guest Columnist” program, please contact Caroline Mittermair at
  2. Because of the volume of submissions we receive, we can’t respond substantively to every one, but we do read them all closely