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What Job Interview Mistakes Have You Made And Learned From?

No one wants to hire a potential candidate who can’t control his/her emotions on the job interview. In this current economic situation, Job Interviews are hard to come by. Each time you fail to fully prepare, you are putting an entire year’s salary (and more) on the line.

Nearly half of hiring managers and interview coaches (49%) say they know within the first 5 minutes of an interview whether the interviewee would be a good fit for the position. Unfortunately, landing a new and desirable job is easier said than done.

Job Interview
Below is a list of worst job interview mistakes to avoid: reasons why people fail at interview.

1) If you show up to a job interview notoriously under-dressed or even overdressed, looking disheveled, and arriving late.

– If you’re showing up for a job interview, show up, be confident, be prepared, and rock it.

2) Fail to research the company beforehand — just half-an-hour’s research can make the difference.

– Candidates should know about the history, culture and brand of the company they are interviewing for.

3) Making the first question when it’s their turn to ask questions, “What’s the job pay?”

4) Taking calls and/or texting during the interview.

5) Trashing old job, a boss or former employer and Saying ‘Yes’ to Everything.

– When interviewee say, “Yeah, I can do that,” to almost everything that is asked during an interview, that’s a red flag

6) Over-Selling Yourself – Job interviews should be a conversation, not a sales pitch.


The most common job interview mistakes (in no particular order) – blunders of all time:

  1. Poor personal appearance.
  2. Lack of interest and enthusiasm: Passive and indifferent.
  3. Over emphasis on money: interested only in best offer.
  4. Condemnation of past employers.
  5. Failure to look at the interviewer when conversing.
  6. Limp, fishy handshake.
  7. Unwillingness to go where sent.
  8. Late to interview.
  9. Failure to express appreciation for interviewer’s time.
  10. Asks no questions about job.
  11. Indefinite response to questions.
  12. Overbearing, over aggressive, conceited with superiority or “know it all complex.”
  13. Inability to express self clearly: Poor voice diction, grammar.
  14. Lack of planning for career: no purpose and goals.
  15. Lack of confidence and poise: nervous ill at ease.
  16. Failure to participate in activities.
  17. Unwilling to start at the bottom-expects too much too soon.
  18. Makes excuses, evasive, hedges on unfavourable factors in record.
  19. Lack of tact.
  20. Lack of courtesy: ill mannered.
  21. Lack of maturity.
  22. Lack of vitality.
  23. Sloppy application.
  24. Merely shopping around.
  25. Wants job for short time.
  26. No interest in company or industry.
  27. Low moral standards.
  28. Cynical.
  29. Lazy.
  30. What happens if you know you are botching the interview?

I’m curious to know, what’s other rookie mistakes have you made or heard of and learned from? Please share them in the comments below.

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Amarendra is the Chief Executive Officer and Editorial Director at CEOWORLD Magazine, and is responsible for all business management, company operations, finance, and social advertising operations.

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