Effective Thought Leadership: Turning Employees into Brand Evangelists

While companies jockey for larger profit margins, sustained growth and higher revenues, it still falls on the shoulders of its leaders to deliver those numbers. Companies spend millions of dollars to convert customers into brand evangelists, but managers tend to forget that the most effective brand evangelists are right inside their own organization.

Employees, regardless of their position in the company, are the unspoken front line of your brand. They represent your company long after they’ve left the office and are more likely to carry more knowledge about your products than the average customer.

But unlike customers, employees don’t need multi-million dollar marketing campaigns to be transformed into brand evangelists. All they need is effective thought leadership.

Effective thought leadership can provide a positive impact to your organization. It empowers employees by giving the tools they need to become evangelists for your brand.

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Engagement is Key to Evangelization

Thought leadership provides more than just direction for your staff. With the proper company-facing thought leadership strategy, it can be an effective platform to engage your employees.

Employees engaged with their work are not only more productive, they are more inclined to build a future in your organization. Engaged employees have a strong emotional connection with the company and equate its victories with their own personal success.

It’s this profound connection with the organization that makes them such effective brand evangelists. They recognize the positive impact the organization has on their life, and are more than happy to share that experience with their friends, family and colleagues.

In a recent study on employee engagement, it was revealed that only a third of employees are engaged at work. That’s two thirds of wasted opportunities to promote your brand and empower your employees.

Employee engagement is absolutely critical when it comes to converting employed staff into loyal brand evangelists. And all it requires is the influence of a sound thought leader.

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How Influence and Edu-training Can Evangelize Your Staff

Although thought leadership has been largely recognized as an effective means of connecting with customers, it’s also an excellent tool in influencing employees.

Employee engagement is more than just cutting through the bureaucratic tape and providing job satisfaction. It’s offering employees a level of transparency that allow them to recognize the kind of impact they have in the organization, and provide them with the tools, skills and training they need to succeed at their job.

With the help of various edu-training platforms, you can positively influence your employees into advocating your brand. There are many platforms available to an organization, from social media to internal training tools. These can all be structured towards making employees understand the larger goals of the organization.

By doing so, the organizations employees will begin to realize that their position in the organization is more than just a job. It’s a role that is invaluable to your company, and a position that can lead to future growth. By providing the right influence and the right edu-training assets, you can turn your own staff into the most loyal advocates for your organization.

This is why your company’s greatest asset is your people — but it’s up to you as a leader to harness their potential.

By, Mitchell Levy is the CEO and Thought Leader Architect at THiNKaha who has created and operated fifteen firms and partnerships since 1997. Today, he works with companies who are active in social media to leverage their IP and unlock the expertise of the employee base to drive more business. He is also an Amazon bestselling author with eighteen business books, including the recently released #Creating Thought Leaders tweet. Mr. Levy has provided strategic consulting to over 100 companies and has advised over 500 CEOs on critical business issues. Get a free copy of his latest ebook at http://mitchelllevy.com.

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