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Australian-based email provider FastMail became a privately held independent company

FastMail announced that it had split from the Norwegian firm Opera Software ASA and became a privately held independent company after its staff purchased the company back.

Web-browser-maker Opera acquired Australian-based email provider back in 2010.

FastMail is an ad-free, subscription-based email service. Personal accounts cost upwards of $4.95 per year and business accounts are priced from $15/year per user. There is also a ‘family’ option, priced at $10/year per person.

The blog post says that Opera’s decision to sell FastMail was not related to any financial issues, and that the decision was reached on a mutual basis.

“We have big plans for the future, and we will continue to roll out new features and enhancements over the coming months.

Opera has undergone an internal change of strategic direction and an email service no longer fits within their long term vision. With Opera’s investment in development and infrastructure over the last 3 years, FastMail has continued to increase its rate of growth and profitability. We came to the mutual conclusion that FastMail’s future would be better served as a separate company.” says Rob Mueller of FastMail.FM

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