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MetaLab Delivers A Huge Overhaul For Its Task management solution Flow App (But Still No Android App)

MetaLab has just unveiled a completely redesigned task management solution “Flow app”, most beautiful task management app yet — currently for web and iOS or OS X devices. It allows users to create to-do lists, assign tasks to team members and now can track a project and all its players from start to finish.

Very Good, but a little disappointed – no Android app, no browser extensions and no desktop app for Windows released yet!!! How hard can it be?

Now that MetaLab team is finished with this upgrade, hope they can turn their attention to other priorities, including the Android version of the app.

>>> MetaLab | Flow app

Some highlighted enhancements in the new Flow:

Dashboard: Keep tabs on what everyone’s doing in the workspace from the Dashboard or focus on activity from the tasks you’ve subscribed to. The Dashboard feed acts like threaded email notifications, grouping same-task activities together and letting you respond with a comment inline.

Workspaces: Everything is organized into workspaces, making it super easy to keep everyone on the same page and to onboard (and offboard) teammates.

Linked Repeating Tasks: Repeating tasks are now linked, letting you view all copies of a related task in a single list.

List Filter Bar: Quickly filter any task list by list, person, tag, or keyword.

Shared Upcoming: View everyone’s due tasks in the new Upcoming calendar view.

App Pane: Tasks and day lists appear instantly in the app pane, allowing you to still view and manage task lists on the left.

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