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Spotify plans to bring streaming music into the living room: Spotify Connect

Spotify is adding a new feature to its iOS app “Spotify Connect” that will let users can pair their mobile device with their Wi-Fi-connected devices or stereo systems, and will then be able to tap a Spotify Connect button in the app to play music through the devices.

Most importantly, Spotify Connect is coming out on iOS for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices and working on updates for its Android and desktop apps.

It’s important to note that for now there are “no plans” to update its Windows Phone or BlackBerry apps.

10 manufacturers are so far confirmed to adopt Spotify Connect: Argon, Bang & Olufsen, Denon, Hama, Marantz, Philips, Pioneer, Revo, Teufel and Yamaha, with more to follow according to Pascal de Mul, Spotify’s global head of hardware partnerships.

“We want to make sure people understand that it’s not just about the £500-and-up devices. We basically want to be everywhere: this is a strategic step towards being ubiquitous in the living room,” said de Mul.

The only details worth noting for now:

– “Spotify Connect” will only be available to Spotify’s six million paid subscribers. So, if you’re getting Spotify for free, with ads, this won’t do you any good.

– For now, the service will only work with iPhones and iPads; Android and desktop connections should work down the road.

Think of it as a cross between AirPlay and Chromecast, but for Spotify.  What do you think of Spotify Connect? Tell us in the comments, below.


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