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ShopPad Secures $500,000 In Seed Funding For its Software as a service Technology

ShopPad, an e-commerce platform that enables desktop eCommerce site into touchable and swipable tablet-optimized delightful interface, secures $500,000 in seed funding for its software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology.

ShopPad, a vendor that optimizes an e-retailer’s e-commerce site for tablets for free, was founded aby Aaron Wadler (founder and CEO of Viddyou) now used by more than 10,000 online merchants.

“In the eyes of the consumer, e-commerce and retail are now one” – eBay CEO John Donahoe

Angels in the round include Mashery co-founder and CEO of MyBlogLog, Lookery and Lumatic, Scott Rafer; Arik Keller (Director of Product at PayPal); Peter Horan (President of; Allen Morgan (previously GP at Mayfield Fund, and board member); Walt Doyle (previously GM PayPal Media); and others.

Behind the scenes, ShopPad “iPad-Friendly” built a tablet site framework that uses JavaScript and HTML5, a web programming language that enables developers to create web sites that appear and function like mobile apps. A retailer embeds a line of JavaScript code on its e-commerce site that redirects tablet shoppers to the tablet version of the e-retail site hosted on ShopPad servers.


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