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Must visit websites for business executives and entrepreneurs – 22 August 2013: competitive insights and smart calendar

Today in must visit websites and web-tools for business executives and entrepreneurs, we take a look at few amazing websites, including recommended Websites for acquisition insights, online wine retailer, intelligent calendar, and many more.

Without further ado, here is today’s list of the recommended websites for business executives and entrepreneurs:

SmartThings  – Reimagine Real,a platform for managing the growing number of devices that are connected to the Internet, it is also  launching an online marketplace where users can buy starter kits, as well as various individual devices and solution sets to manage different part of their homes.

Onavo Acquisition Insights  – Onavo, which is like a Quantcast for mobile apps, has launched “Onavo Acquisition Insights”  – the new product gives clients a dashboard that shows how other competing mobile apps are using advertising to bring in new users.
Onavo  – customer-funded online wine retailer, it invests in independent winemakers from around the world, in return for exclusive wines at preferential prices – which they pass on to YOU.

Jimdo iOS app  – With Jimdo for iPad and iPhone, it’s easy for you to create a professional website and to update your existing Jimdo site on the go. Over 9 million websites have been created with Jimdo’s do it yourself website builder. With the Jimdo app, you don’t even need to be at your computer!

Kamcord  – Record and share mobile gameplay videos, has been working to help players record and share video of their in-game exploits.

AllConnect  – It helps consumers make wise, cost-effective decisions by explaining the options, service plans and service providers available across a broad array of home services including home phone service, cable, satellite, high-speed Internet and communication bundles. Our hassle-free search, 24-hour telephone support, and integration with over 200 service providers helps you order or switch your TV, high-speed Internet, phone, electric & gas, or other services?at your convenience, with a single online visit or phone call.

StowThat  – an Airbnb for self-storage, allows members to rent out their garages, attics, storage sheds and other spaces for your storage needs.

Zikk  –  makes remote Android setup simple and fun. Now you can set up your friends’ and family’s Android phones from anywhere. Zikk’s Remote setup platform is highly secure and prevents access to your personal information.

Tempo – A smart calendar makes sure you don’t miss a beat, know who’s in your network – the first intelligent calendar that’s like having a personal assistant prepare what’s next.

LUMOBack  – LUMOback tracks your movement throughout the day and provides posture feedback via the LUMOback mobile app. Use quantifiable data to change your habits, improving your posture and overall health over time.

Fabrik Reader  –  is an elegant cloud eBook reader that works seamlessly with your Dropbox and Google Drive. Fabrik Reader works out of the box, giving you a really premium, yet really simple and comfortable eBook reading experience. Plus, it always keeps everything synchronized in the cloud, and that means you can keep reading on all your devices, seamlessly.

Coub  – A coub is a looped video up to 10 seconds long. Capture a moment with a tiny bit of motion and create the illusion of a moving photograph. Show off your artwork and products from every angle. Bring your characters to life and invent neverending stories. Collect your favorite movie quotes and snippets from songs, TV shows, and YouTube videos.
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