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Awesome Google Chrome Experiments that are fun to look at: coolest and most fun projects!

Google created Chrome Experiments in 2009, an online lab of user-submitted Chrome browser experiments, games and artistic projects – mostly using stuff like stuff like Javascript, Canvas, SVG, WebGL and HTML5. Chrome Experiments are all user-submitted and selected by the team at Google, with the requirement that they be “fun and fast in JavaScript.”

For anybody who still thinks that Flash is the only way to achieve ambitious interactivity on the web, these experiments will serve as a final notice to move on.

As of today there are 649 Chrome Experiments posted. I highly recommend checking out Chrome Experiments to see how powerful Chrome experience could be. Check out these coolest and most fun Google Chrome Experiments to date:

Chrome World Wide Maze World Wide Maze turns users’ favorite websites into their personal playground, creating a 3D maze through which gamers navigate a sort of electronic pinball toward the finish line.
Racer  calls up the slot-car-style race tracks of yore, this time in a digital setting, available on up to five mobile screens. Touch the screen to accelerate, let go to brake, and try not to fly off of the track as you race to the finish line against friends and family playing on their own phones and tablets.
Roll It The title emulates that old boardwalk classic skee ball, utilizing your smartphone to aim and pitch the ball and the browser to emulate the familiar ring-sporting game alley. You can also play along with friends by sharing your handset, because there’s nothing sadder in this world than solitary skee ball.
Google Gravity  –  This application pulls down the whole Google home page! Just try this new trick – type “Google Gravity” and click “Im Feeling Lucky” button. You will see the real ‘gravitational force.’

This new Google Chrome experiment causes the Google homepage search screen to collapse, as if being pulled under the weight of gravity.

Please share your favorite Google Chrome Experiments by posting a comment below.

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