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Interview with Mr. Michał Zaleski, Mayor of Torun, Poland

Why to choose and invest in Torun?

Mr. Michał Zaleski, Mayor of Torun: Torun focuses on investment. The city will allocate over 430 million zl on investment in 2013. This amount represents more than 38% of its annual budget expenditure. Most of the money will be spent on roads and transportation, including the construction of an impressive road bridge over the Vistula River. There will also be a new sports and cultural facilities, which always favor investment climate and affect the formation of new workplaces in such cities. In addition, Torun effectively use funds from the European Union, as evidenced by the large number of projects implemented with it’s support.

Michal Zaleski, Mayor of Torun

Michal Zaleski, Mayor of Torun

How Torun wants to attract investment?

Mr. Michał Zaleski, Mayor of Torun: Our main priority is to highlight investment and innovative character of the city. Recently the most dynamic growth concerns shopping centers, hotels and office buildings. Logistics centers of large companies are located there, as well as nationwide wholesale trade headquarters. Torun is also a city of enterprising people. More then 24 thousand businesses are located here and 412 of these are companies with foreign capital. The Torun Technology Incubator is under construction. This institution will support business development by facilitating access to new technologies and scientific achievements. It’s offer will be directed to start-ups and already existing companies in the IT industry.

In what areas Torun is most attractive to investors in your opinion?

Mr. Michał Zaleski, Mayor of Torun: The city supports economic activity in many areas, including: grants tax credits to investors, creates urban investment offer, helps to access to information about the location of the investment and continually introduce facilitates in the official procedure. An important advantage of Torun is the high quality of the labor market. Torun with all its advantages is open to projects related to the service sector, culture, tourism, including hotel industry and not harmful to the environment high technology industry. Within the city there are many areas which are suitable for production, logistics and services. With economic ventures, private businesses international contacts and numerous municipal investments, Torun is now a modern and important center in the region and is one of the most dynamically developing Polish cities.

Last but not least…

You are cordially invited to Torun – an attractive place to locate new investments, where the Gothic meets innovation and entrepreneurship.

Department of Investor’s Service
The City Hall of Torun,
Grudziądzka 126 b St.
87-100 Torun
phone: +48 56 611 86 99

City Profile Toruń:
Toruń is one of the most recognizable cities in Poland. It owes it’s value to long history, preserved monuments, distinctive people who influenced the creation of the historical and modern image of the city, as well as to a strategic location, and cooperation with the twin cities, abounding in mutual economic relations. Thanks to its location and pro-investment policies of the city authorities Toruń stands out in comparison with other cities with high quality of labor market, modern technical infrastructure and social climate conducive to investment.

Toruń is one of the fastest growing Polish cities. There are special centers of modern technologies here such as: Toruń Technology Park (TTP), where at the beginning of 2013 was opened first data center in Poland – The Exea Data Center. It was design for cloud computing solutions. In addition, there are also many ongoing projects to support the development of entrepreneurship and innovation, and to facilitate the transfer of modern technology.

Torun, Poland

Torun, Poland

Created in the city Special Economic Zone, which is a part of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone is certainly the factor that increases investor’s interest in Toruń because on this area economic activity can be carried out on preferential terms. Moreover, there is a number of business institutions to support the development of entrepreneurship in the city such as: Toruń Regional Development Agency, the Chamber of Commerce, Toruń Credit Guarantee Fund, Western Pomeranian  Regional  Fund of Credit Guarantee and the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations. Comprehensive services to investors at all stages of the project and support with the administrative requirements provides Investor Assistance Office which also runs web portal that easy access to the necessary planning and economic information about the city.

In the time of a strong public deficit and the global economic slowdown, Toruń tries to use alternative instruments to finance public investment. The aim is to achieve the most cost-effective way to create infrastructure and provide municipal services. The result of this search is public-private partnership model (PPP). Currently, the city plans to apply this innovative model of project preparation to implement three projects such as the adaptation of office space in ‘Toruń Mills’ complex, construction of public housing and renovation of the city swimming pool.

Torun, Poland

Torun, Poland

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