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Is Sony developing a dual-lens Google Glass rival?

Hmmm….. The Japanese electronics maker Sony has quietly developing on its own version of a computer mounted on eyeglasses. A recently published patent filing at US Patent & Trademark Office reveals that is readying its own competitor to Google Glass: describes an eyeglass-mounted computer system that displays data on both lenses.

The search engine giant’s Google Glass is scheduled to be released later this year. It’s clear the competition won’t be far behind.

Unlike Google Glass, the Sony head-mounted display (HMD) technology will project information in front of both eyes, rather than just the one.

The glasses also contain a wireless networking chip which means that it could be used for communicative purposes, acting as a gaming headset. The headset also has earpieces, letting a user presumably listen to music and receive calls from a synced mobile phone.

Sony’s continuation patent for a “head-mounted display (HMD) apparatus” was filed in November 2012, makes it immediately clear that Sony is going for a more fashionable design than utility-friendly Google.


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