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Why Apple iOS users spend twice as much time watching videos compared to Android users [infographic]?

Here’s an interesting fact: So It Turns Out Apple’s iOS users spend twice as much time watching videos compared to Android users.

According to a report published by Ooyala, a venture-backed provider of online video technology products and services points out – Although Android phones are outselling iPhones globally, last year Apple users watched twice as much online video on their mobile phones.

Here are some important points:

# The share of tablet video viewing increased 110% in 2012, while the share of mobile online video viewing grew by 87% last year.

# While the percentage of time spent watching short and mid-form videos increased across all device categories.

# Tablet video viewers spent 63% of their total viewing time watching videos longer than ten minutes.

# Nearly 25% of total desktop viewing time was spent watching content that ran 60+ minutes.

# 32% of the total time spent watching tablet video last quarter was with content running more than one hour long.

# The percentage of time spent watching long-form video on tablets increased 37% from Q1 to Q4 in 2012.

Share of mobile video time played: Android vs. iOS:


In another news,  in-flight Wi-Fi provider Gogo reports that airline passengers use their Apple devices with far greater frequency than their Android gadgets.

And the race isn’t even close. According to the report, Apple’s iOS devices account for 84% of all in-flight Wi-Fi traffic from mobile devices.

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