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Illuminating: Philips launched open APIs and SDK for iOS Controlled Web-enabled Hue Lighting System

YES, currently too expensive – but a simple and brilliant Idea. Philips has launched an “official developer program” for its Wi-Fi connected Hue lighting system, which includes open APIs, an SDK for iOS developers, and guides for both hardware and software makers. Awesome I can’t wait to… Illuminating!

The new Hue tools are freely available for all developers interested in creating a product or an app that connects to the system.

The Philips Hue three-bulb starter kit is available now on the Apple Store for $199.95, with additional bulbs priced at $59 a piece.

Compatibility: iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 5th generation, iPod touch 4th generation, iPod touch 3rd generation, iPad 1st generation, iPad 2 2nd generation, iPad 3rd generation, iPad 4th generation, iPad mini

Besides being able to alter the color of each bulb remotely, compatibility with the ZigBee LightLink standard allows for Hue bulbs to communicate with other ZigBee devices, like motion sensors, thermostats and other home automation products.

“We’re now at a point where there are already about 10 applications that have been shared and built from the unofficial developer community for new applications around Hue,” explained George Yianni, Hue System Architect in an interview. “Now what we want to do as Philips is we actually want to help and grow and encourage this community, and give them tools and proper documentation. Also, we want to give them commitment that this is the API and we’re going to support it and it won’t change overnight.”

Philips Hue connected bulb systems consists of a bulbs and bridge land has been designed to allowed users to customise their lighting using mobile smartphones or tablets.

Philips Hue system can even be set using timers to wake you and pace your day, changes the effects of the lighting at certain times to reflect your mood or situations. Phillips explains:

“Meet hue and change the way you see light. Hue lets you play with tone, brightness and colour to create your ideal lighting. Hue can help you relax or concentrate, change the atmosphere of a room, help keep your house safe when you’re out, even remind you of that magical moment on vacation. All from your smart device.  See what hue can do for you. The possibilities are endless.”

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