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So now Facebook can insist German users to register with their real name: infographic

Anyway, this makes sense to me now… If you don’t want to use your real name on Facebook, don’t use Facebook, That’s fair!

The social networking giant Facebook has won a court challenge against its real name policy (requiring users to register with their real names) in Germany.

Which means that facebook users in Germany must register on the website with their real names.

The Administrative Court of the State of Schleswig-Holstein decided that because personal data is handled by Facebook’s international operations in Dublin rather than Germany, only Irish data protection laws apply.

The head of the ULD, Thilo Weichert, wasn’t too pleased with the ruling. In a post he said, “The decisions are more than amazing.

“They are contradictory when they explain the lack of legal relevance of Facebook Germany so that there is no data would be processed at the same time but the company in Ireland to assume jurisdiction, although there is no data to be processed.”

Facebook was ordered to stop enforcing its real name policy and permit the use of nicknames by the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ULD) for Schleswig-Holstein last year — because it violated German laws that allowed people to use pseudonyms online and threatened the social network with a €20,000 fine.

The social network, however, decided to fight the order.

The leading Antivirus Software, Kaspersky has released an infographic:


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