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A promising sign for those affected by iOS 6.1 Microsoft Exchange Calendar Syncing Bug

Interesting…. It may take awhile.  I’ve heard of many complaints with IOS 6 since it came out. Now, Apple has now promised a fix for sync problem between iOS 6.1 devices and Microsoft’s Exchange service that causes excess activity on Microsoft Exchange accounts or reduced battery life.

I feel apple and Microsoft should be talking to each other more… After all, it’s not like there’s an alternative for exchange, is there?

On January 28, Apple released iOS 6.1, the first major update to iOS 6 since September

Earlier, a bux-fixing update aimed at the iPhone 4S that targeted cellular issues on 3G connections for some European carriers.

Apple has advised that users can avoid this bug by not responding to an exception (change to a single instance of a repeating calendar event) to a recurring event on their iOS device, before it releases its next software update, here’s the workaround Apple suggests:

1) Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars

2) Select the Exchange account from your Accounts list.

3) Turn the switch for Calendars to OFF.

4) Wait few seconds.

5) Turn the switch for Calendars back to ON.

It just works…


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