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Broadcom VS Qualcomm: new LTE-enabled BCM21892 Chip opens door to a far more flexible 4G device

Interestingly enough, to satisfy the modern world’s connectivity demands… looks like, Broadcom is finally ready with their first 4G LTE-enabled Advanced modem sleepily-named BCM21892.

It will be the World’s Smallest 4G LTE Advanced modem (a third smaller than many rival chips), with this your 4G tablets and phones can run longer, connect to more places and could even get smaller in size.

However, Company, manufacturer of baseband and modem components for smartphones, tablets, and other devices, said in a press release, the new LTE chip is only now sampling to its customers, volume production is expected next year.

Smartphone connectivity with Long-Term Evolution or LTE is heavily dominated Qualcomm, and Broadcom now in the race with a competitive product should make things more interesting. Renesas and Nvidia have pledged to produce LTE modems, as well.

BCM21892 includes support for GSM/EDGE, WCDMA up to HSPA+ 42.2 (DC-HSPA+), TD-SCDMA for China, and UE Category 4 (150 Mbps on the downlink) LTE-Advanced with both TDD and FDD duplex modes.

The market at present for smartphone connectivity with LTE has really been dominated by Qualcomm, and Broadcom entering the fray with a competitive offering should make things interesting.

  • Complete 4G/3G/2G modem that complies with:
    -Release 10 LTE Advanced Carrier Aggregation
    -Release 9 3G/2G
    -Release 9 TD-SCDMA
  • Very low system power consumption
  • Minimal PCB layout area and height requirements
  • Supports LTE FDD and TDD modes
  • Supports Category 4 data rates of 150Mbps/50Mbps (Dl/UL) in 20MHz carriers and thru 20MHz Carrier Aggregation
  • LTE intraband and interband carrier aggregation supports DL using two component carriers
  • Supports all 4G LTE bands: B1-29 LTE-FDD and B33-41 LTE TDD


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