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How to limit the exploitation of students in China: Hewett-Packard?

One of the world’s largest makers of PC and other electronics, Hewett-Packard, has issued a new guidelines to its supplier factories in China (including Foxconn) — designed to limit the use of students labour.

Won’t be an easy task for HP, as it’s difficult to monitor and enforce the regulations.

HP is now requiring that all student work must be voluntary, students must be free to come and go as they please and that no more than 20% of a factory’s workforce may be comprised of interns during peak periods.

Many electronics suppliers in China use “interns” from local schools to help meet manufacturing orders during the peak season.

The manufacturing giant Foxconn Technology Group, has dominated headlines for suspicious labour practices. The Fair Labor Association has criticized it for several labor-rights violations, HP along with Intel, Microsoft, Apple and Cisco, have contracts with Foxconn.

HP said it was asking its suppliers to comply with the guidelines immediately, and the company will monitor the progress through its increased audits.


Meanwhile let us have a look at HP support center china:

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