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Has Google Android ousted iphone in global mobile ad impressions?

It is pretty amazing how fast…. Thanks to incredible popularity of the Samsung Galaxy S III, Android operating system is on the rise, based on Norwegian browser company Opera’s latest State of the Mobile Advertising report for Q4 2012.

It’s certainly no surprise that, the Google Android platform has overtaken the iPhone in mobile ad impressions. This is almost true, but just barely.

Apple’s iOS still ranks number one in the “top mobile operating system for monetization” category with 42 percent of all mobile device traffic on the Web browser’s systems.

Android came in second at 31 percent, followed by “other” with 14 percent, Symbian with 9 percent, and BlackBerry with less than 4 percent.

Opera Mediaworks mobile advertising network serves 50+ billion ad impressions per month via 12,000 mobile sites and apps.

The iPad continues to be the device with the best value for advertisers…. Android is behind BlackBerry on conversions (value for money for advertisers)

“When it comes to monetization, iOS continues to outperform other device platforms. It leads the group with the highest average eCPM and provides the greatest percentage of publisher revenue,” Opera explains in the report, which is its third deep dive into its mobile advertising business.

List of top 20 countries with maximum mobile ads impression:


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