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A new way for devs to test their web applications and sites: modern.IE by Microsoft

To make it easier for Web developers to test their Websites to ensure they look pretty across browsers, Microsoft has unveiled a new site “modern.IE” with “code detection wizard”.

It scans and identify your website for common coding issues like common compatibility issues, CSS prefixes, database library issues, conditional comments, browser detection and outdated jQuery Web framework, which can prevent users from having a good experience — also it recommends best practices.

In a blog post Ryan Gavin, Internet Explorer general manager said “Developers are spending too much time testing to ensure their sites work across browsers and operating systems,”

“Modern.IE is a free set of tools and resources designed to make it easier for developers to ensure their sites work beautifully across Internet Explorer as well as other modern browsers”

“On our part, we can encourage best practices. We know we can do better here, so we’re providing the tools and support so that developers spend more of their time innovating and less of their time testing.”

Microsoft also announced its partnership with BrowserStack, a leading virtual browser testing service that lets developers test their website on any browser on any OS – regardless of the OS that the test machine is running. For developers who visit the BrowserStack site via modern.IE, three months of free service is available.

In another news, Microsoft search platform Bing has launched five new free apps for cloud-based Office 365 and Office 2013 to improve productivity by allowing users to pull dynamic data from search engine. Microsoft is offering it’s next-generation cloud-based Office software ” Office 365 Home Premium” to consumers as $100 annual subscription package.

Some features of modern.IE:

  • Addresses common problems that result from supporting older versions of IE: This wizard detects the most common compatibility issues and help developers find a solution quickly
  • Helps sites work well across browsers, across devices: The wizard also includes a set of emerging best practices on the web that apply to the growing range of form-factors- mobile, desktop, tablets, even large-screen TVs
  • Suggest enhancements to take advantage of new features in Windows 8: This includes suggestions for touch-enabled browsing and Start Screen site tile. These are ways developers can take advantage of Windows to deliver a more personalized browsing experience for their users

modern-ie-siteWeb Developers! Check out modern.IE for tools and resources to help you make sure your site works great on all modern browsers. Here’s a quick promo clip the modern.IE

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