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Is Microsoft transforming documents into apps: new free Bing-powered applications for Office 365 and Office 2013?

Microsoft search platform Bing has launched five new free apps for cloud-based Office 365 and Office 2013 to improve productivity by allowing users to pull dynamic data from search engine. Microsoft has already integrated Bing with apps on Windows 8, Windows Phone and Xbox.

Do you think Microsoft transforming documents into apps: new free Bing-powered applications for Office 365 and Office 2013?

The Bing-Apps are currently available to users of Office 365 Premium and can be downloaded from the Office Store.

If you remember, last week Microsoft released its 2013 version of Office and its subscription-centric version of Office — Office 365 Home Premium.

The 5 new Bing-powered applications are free to use with the Office 365 Home Premium via the online Office Store: Bing Finance for Excel, Bing Maps for Excel, Bing Image Search for Word, Bing News Search for Word and Bing Dictionary for Excel and Word.

1) Bing Finance for Office: a task pane app  allows you to build a finance portfolio table in Excel, you can input stock symbols and choose to use any data available for the stock like current price, volume, high/ lows etc.
Bing-Finance-for-Office2) Bing Maps for Office: which can be used to plot any datapoint related to various regions by overlaying the data on a Map on a Bing Map in Excel
Bing-Maps-for-Office3) Bing Dictionary for Office: aims to provide a ready reference across Word as well as Excel documents and keeps Office updated with the latest definitions and spelling available for U.S. English.
Bing-Dictionary-for-Office4) Bing Image Search for Office: which allows you to search for images on the Web from within a Word document
Bing-Image-Search-for-Office5) Bing News Search for Office: is a simple tool that lets you search news and videos from a panel in a Word document
Bing-News-Search-for-OfficeBing wrote in a blog post “goal is to make Bing available in convenient and intuitive ways that take advantage of knowledge Bing has assembled for search.” [image Source: Microsoft]


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