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What are the implications of Lifting the Ban on video game consoles in China?

Authorities in Beijing reportedly considering lifting its 13-year ban on video games consoles such as Sony’s PlayStation, Ninetendo and Microsoft’s Xbox in China.

Thanks to concerns over the mental and physical development of children’s, it is illegal to manufacture, sell or import video games consoles since 2000 in the world’s most populous country.

Interestingly, If it comes to pass, we are looking into the possibility of opening up of the tantalizingly lucrative Chinese market. This could have a significant impact on the global video game market.


The official China Daily newspaper reported thet Chinese regulators believes that there is a possibility for gaming to once again hit the Chinese market.

“We are reviewing the policy and have conducted some surveys and held discussions with other ministries on the possibility of opening up the game console market. However, since the ban was issued by seven ministries more than a decade ago, we will need approval from all parties to lift it.”

There are also claims from China that Sony Computer Entertainment and Microsoft may have anticipated a lifting of the ban. What do you think are the implications of Lifting the Ban on video game consoles in China?

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