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Did Blackberry Smartphone maker RIM just Opened the floodgates to App developer community?

Thanks to the Port-a-Thon event held over the weekend, RIM has garnered an additional 19,071 apps for the BlackBerry World in 36 hours, before BlackBerry 10 platform’s launch on 30 January, according to a tweet from BlackBerryDev twitter account.

This was the third Port-a-Thon event, an incentive programs launched by RIM to attract developers for BlackBerry 10, the 1st Port-a-Thon in mid-December resulted 4,000 apps, while the 2nd mid-January Port-a-Thon gave 15,000 apps. The Ontario-based company, Research in Motion plans to have minimum 70,000 apps before BlackBerry 10 launch. Did Blackberry Smartphone maker RIM just Opened the floodgates to App developer community?
BlackBerryDev-tweetThe new devices will be officially unveiled at a press event on January 30, we still believe BlackBerry maker Research In Motion is going to rise from the dead.

BlackBerry has made its refurbished old BlackBerry App World, the store is now simply called “BlackBerry World”  (music and video still incoming). the Waterloo phonemaker CEO Thorsten Heins recently backed up claims that BlackBerry’s new OS would launch with 70,000 apps.
RIM dev blog has now announced that company will be extending its Built for BlackBerry scheme:

  • Apps that have been submitted on or before 8pm EST on January 21st,2013 may qualify for the $10k Developer Commitment if the developer agrees to the official terms and conditions and passes Built for BlackBerry testing.
  • Developers may apply for Built for BlackBerry review and the $10k Developer Commitment offer in the BlackBerry World Vendor Portal by 8pm ET Feb 18th
  • The qualifying sale dates for the 10k Commitment is 12:01am ET, March 4 2013 to 11:59pm ET, March 3 2014

“The response and interaction from developers has been nothing short of amazing,” Saunders says, writing on the BlackBerry Developer blog. “This continues to show an overwhelming level of commitment from developers to the BlackBerry 10 platform…The fact is, the volume of apps being submitted for review and entry into the program has been remarkable. Due to that large volume of apps, we are extending the deadline.”

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