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Do you think file-sharing site MEGA will be a viable privacy platform, if not then who?

Lofty ideas! Techno! A fake FBI raid! The website, which replaces the outlawed Megaupload, went live at dawn ahead of a lavish evening party at Megaupload boss Kim Dotcom’s $25 million mansion Auckland mansion, on the anniversary of the armed police raid that saw him arrested and the site shuttered. Do you think file-sharing site MEGA will be a viable privacy platform, if not then who?

World’s most notorious internet pirate and racketeer Kim Dotcom has set up a new cloud storage, super-private file-sharing site “Mega”. Mega, a web-based service that lets people upload and store files of any kind, is a sequel to the Megaupload system that was shut down last January.

Mega, like Megaupload, allows users to store and share large files. It offers 50 gigabytes of free storage, much more than similar sites such as Dropbox and Google Drive, and features a drag-and-drop upload tool.

The key difference is an encryption and decryption feature for data transfers that Dotcom says will protect him from the legal drama that has entangled Megaupload and threatened to put him behind bars.

He has branded MEGA as “The Privacy Company.

“Privacy is a basic human right,” internet entrepreneur, Kim Dotcom real name ‘Kim Schmitz’said.

He also added the Megaupload takedown was used as an opportunity for the Obama administration to prove their mettle, “It would probably have looked very bleak for [Obama] to go to Hollywood and ask them to help him get re-elected when he couldn’t make SOPA (the failed Stop Online Piracy Act) happen for them. So Megaupload became a plan B.”

“Mega is going to be huge and nothing will stop Mega,” he told journalists after earlier targeting US President Barack Obama when he launched Mega with the tweet: “As of this minute one year ago Megaupload was destroyed by the US government. Welcome to”.


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