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A Chrome Beta channel optimized for Android smartphones and tablets

Google has officially launched a beta version of its “Chrome for Android app,” the Chrome Beta Channel for Android smartphones and tablets. Android users can now download and install a beta version of the Chrome browser. The Chrome beta app comes with the requirement of Android 4.0 or later and will request additional permissions when using Chrome Sync for the first time.

Chrome Beta’s first update is available now in Google Play. Google claims that the browser has improved its Octane performance to be up to 30 percent better, meaning the browser should handle JavaScript more efficiently. You can download the app on the Play Store’s hidden page here.


“Today, we’re introducing Chrome Beta channel for phones and tablets on Android 4.0+. The Beta channel was launched in the early days of Chrome to test out new features and fix issues fast. Our newest Beta channel for phones and tablets now joins our Beta versions of Chrome for Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS,” the official page states.

According to Stephen Shankland, “Google has been working to put Chrome for Android on the same six-week update cycle as the personal computer version of the browser, and it looks like this release is part of that change. The Chrome 25 beta brings a number of new features, but Google warns of sluggish performance and some other problems.”

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