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Epom, a unique advertisement platform – COMPANY PROFILE

Although being launched not very long ago, namely in 2010, Kiev-based Epom has already managed to become one of the most successful startups in ad serving and ad management spheres.

Epom products include Epom Ad Server, Epom Market, Epom Direct Ads. The company’s flagship product is an integrated ad serving platform, amended by features for display, mobile devices and video ads. Moreover, the company also launched a comprehensive solution for advertising networks in 2012.

Epom Ad Server’s clients serve more, than 15B impressions monthly via Epom, whereas Epom Market has reached the volume of 10B per month. Epom operates data centers in the U.S. and Europe.

Headquartered in Kiev (Ukraine), the company also plans to open new offices all around Europe. At the same time, Epom is already used by thousands of publishers globally, and its clients come from different parts of the world.

Epom Solutions Overview

Epom Ad Server: an ad serving platform for Display, Mobile Web and Apps, Video.

Epom Market: a global CPM/CPC network, offering the highest rates in different verticals.

Epom Direct Ads: direct campaigns service, operating globally.

Epom is an ad serving and ad managing platform, offering advanced solutions for running and optimizing ad campaigns for publishers, advertisers and ad networks. Epom enables its users to run display, video and mobile ads all in one place and hence saves time, resources and brings more profit. Epom is a 100% web-based, cross-platform, massively scalable, real-time platform with deep targeting, advanced ad campaign management, graphical reporting, and more.

The core features, which distinguish the platform from the multitude of other competitors on the market, include:

  • Massively-scalable, web-based ad serving platform.
  • Cross-platform solution (serving of display, mobile, video, in-app ads).
  • Effective ad campaign management.
  • CPM, CPA, CPC advertising campaigns.
  • Auto-optimization opportunities.
  • Ad campaign prioritization.
  • Standard ad formats + Rich Media
  • iOS and Android free SDKs for in-apps ads, app install tracking SDKs.
  • Advanced targeting options.
  • Real-time reporting and analytics.
  • Exceptional reliability of the platform (99, 75% uptime SLA).
  • 24/7 tech support: dedicated assistance and troubleshooting.

Epom offers unique ad platform for networks that comprises the whole specter of tools and engines for driving ad network revenue, enhancing operational efficiency, brand awareness, and thus, its market share.

The most peculiar Epom network-specific features include:

  • 4 sub-accounts that cover all requirements and roles.
  • Convenient advertisers and publishers management.
  • Cross-platform solution: display, video, mobile web and apps.
  • White-labeling (host names, logos, mass mailing, default themes, template management, etc.)
  • Unique Advertisers’ and Publishers’ Sign-up API.
  • Financial flow transparency.
  • Extensive reporting and analytic on Advertisers’ and Publishers performance.
  • Real-time monitoring features, graphical dashboard.

Epom Market

Epom Market is an international ad network that unites top quality publishers with direct advertisers and ad networks. It has got global coverage with more, than 10B banner impressions monthly, and this number is constantly growing.  Epom Market offers the highest rates, much due to its direct relationships with advertisers worldwide, providing our network with quite a considerable range of unique deals and offers.

Epom Market has been extremely successful on an array of specific markets, like Brazil, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and other LATAM and MENA countries, owing to its special approach for each market, leading to the establishment of fruitful partnership with the local companies. Yet, Europe and USA traditionally remain the strongest areas in each vertical.

Epom DirectAds

Epom DirectAds is a service for direct purchasing and selling ads that presupposes transparent system of buying ad placement directly from the publishers you select. The provided self-serve Publisher account is aimed at creating ad spots that can be purchased. Epom DirectAds happens to be free for all advertisers with no covert fees, whereas publishers will have to pay small commission (around 5 – 10%).

Epom Clients

Despite being a relatively young company, Epom has already developed a massive client database that includes such prominent names as 4shared, MediaFire, Telegrafi, PropellerAds, BaronsMedia, Ocentrum, XertiveMedia, ConnectAds, RefMob, etc.

Epom is also partnering with all major advertising networks such as Smaato, JumpTap, Komli, Vdopia, BrightRoll, InMobi, AdMob, Millennial Media, Inneractive, Matomy and others.

Since the very first steps in the company’s development, Epom team has defined the prior goal ahead that is, enabling publishers, advertisers and ad networks to run and manage the most effective and, thus, the most profitable ad campaigns. This goal has, actually, become the project’s major driving force and the key to its current popularity.

+38091 996 37 81
5/24 Irininskaya St., 01034 Kiev, Ukraine

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