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Time that women are paid as men, a persistent gender wage gap [INFOGRAPHIC]

From an economist’s perspective, closing the persistent Gender Wage Gap between what women earn and what men earn, would be a very good thing to do. Is it politically possible?

“If you expand women-owned businesses, you might be driving more capital into smaller, more productive businesses and away from large businesses or other kinds of capital pursuits,” economist Heidi Hartmann, president of the Institute for Women’s Policy Research said. “You can assume that workers, especially women who have lower incomes, tend to spend more of their money and be more of a stimulus. Small businesses getting more capital would have a stimulus effect for their local communities as they tend to invest and spend more locally than larger businesses.”

Unfortunately it is still alive, It’s broken down in this infographic, hopefully the release of this analysis will add fuel to the struggle — It’s time that women are paid as men.

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