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The top 50 hottest companies to work for in 2013

If you want to see bigger paychecks, here is a short list of the top 50 hottest companies that i sees as the best places to send your resume. With competitive benefits and great work culture, Facebook, the social networking giant, was ranked as the top rated employer for  the second consecutive year.

A jobs and career community, The Glassdoor has released its list of the 50 Best Places to Work for 2013. The list is based on an annual ranking determined by anonymous inputs from employees. Nearly half a million company reviews were submitted to Glassdoor during the past 12 months, which help put their employers in the running for this award. Company ratings are based on a 5.0 scale.

The complete list of the  2013 top 50 Best Places to Work is below:

Top 5 Best Places to Work: (Company ratings based on a 5-point scale: 1.0=very dissatisfied, 3.0=OK, 5.0=very satisfied).

1) Facebook (Rank: #1, Rating: 4.7)
2) McKinsey & Company (Rank: #2, Rating: 4.5)
3) Riverbed Technology (Rank: #3, Rating: 4.5)
4) Bain & Company (Rank: #4, Rating: 4.5)
5) MD Anderson Cancer Center (Rank: #5, Rating: 4.3).

Most Improved Company:

Three employers, Facebook (Rating: 4.7), National Instruments (Rating: 4.2) & Southwest Airlines (Rating: 4.2), tie for the most improved company among winners appearing on both the 2013 and 2012 list – each improving its rating by +.4. Each company also improved its ranking from last year: Facebook (2013: #1, 2012: #3), National Instruments (2013: #8, 2012: #18), & Southwest Airlines (2013: #12, 2012: #17).

Best Places to Work 5 Straight Years: 10 companies on the 2013 list have made it on all prior Best Places to Work lists (2009, 2010, 2011 & 2012), including Google (Rank: #6, Rating: 4.3), Chevron (Rank: #13, Rating: 4.1), Apple (Rank: #34, Rating: 3.9), & General Mills (Rank: #35, Rating: 3.9), among others.

 New to the Best Places to Work list: 21 companies are making their debut as a Best Place to Work, including In-N-Out Burger (Rank: #9, Rating: 4.2), Orbitz Worldwide (#26, 4.0), JetBlue (Rank: #28, Rating: 3.9), MasterCard (Rank: #29, Rating: 3.9) & IKEA (Rank: #43, Rating: 3.8), among others.

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