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An independent perspective on The Taste of India – Amul

With a full time internship and college assignments reaching sky high, I had almost begun to feel that I was losing my time to having an enjoyable read. Owing to the off I got from work due to the news channels buzzing with the critical condition of Balasaheb Thackeray, I got a chance to finally read Amul’s India – A book based on the 50 years of advertising by DaCunha Communications.

We all have a connection with the brand, whether it is through the products we buy or through the hoardings we see everyday. The brand’s innocent ambassador has made a place in each one of our hearts with her polka dotted dress and blue hair. It’s her avid little smile that makes us melt and often overlook her comments that might be considered by some as displeasing.

In the year 1946, a co-operative was formed in order to eliminate the middlemen and agents used in supplying milk to the Bombay Milk Scheme. This organization was given reason by the arbitrarily decided prices of the buffalo and cow milk, and the unfair long distances that the milkmen had to travel in order to deliver the milk.

The extraordinary movement, often referred to as the ‘White Revolution’, has allowed farmers to deliver the milk at village centers where it is collected and sent to the district milk co-op union. The milk then gets transported to the state co-op milk mktg fed and thereafter, the consumer. This ensures the milk is fresh till it reaches its consumers and also allows it to be tested for quality and fat content on computerized equipment making the process one that is fair and transparent.

The movement not only helped in the growth of the village but also empowering the women who usually purchase the milk, giving them a measure of influence in decisions regarding their welfare and development. Cash payments were made based on the fat content of the milk, thus helping the farmer with his day-to-day requirements.

The man behind this incredible movement that benefited the society by providing employment and fresh milk to every household was Dr. VergheseKurien, also known as the ‘oldest milkman of India’.  He took a step towards growth and hasn’t looked back since and to back him up, came DaCunha Communications, in the year 1966, headed by Sylvester DaCunha who was the brainchild for the Amul hoardings that one looks forward to every week.

Found in most prime locations, the Amul hoardings have a relation with each Indian. The ‘utterly butterly delicious’ Amul has a voice that is innocent yet brave. She comments on the cutting-edge news that everyone’s talking about and has a miraculous yet thoughtful connection to the brand, and that is what makes us love her! Her honesty and righteousness forms a trust that we embed in the brand making this one of the prevalent and preeminent advertising campaigns in the history of Indian advertising.

The book gives a great insight to the story of Amul with writings of those who have been a subject to the Amul hoardings such as Amitabh Bachan and Rahul Dravid to those who have been a part in developing the hoardings such as Sylvester DaCunha and Rahul DaCunha. It shares great insights from those who are a part of the advertising industry and also, those who have enjoyed the 50 years of Amul advertising.

Amul’s India is a book that highlights several most famous hoardings by Amul and permits you to reminisce the countless chuckles you’ve had looking at their hoardings and giving a thought to each of the occurrences. Amul, is truly a brand without whom India would be incomplete. Amul satiates our every meal in its own way and truly defines ‘The Taste of India’.

Some of the most famous hoardings include:

Romney vs. Obama – Who will win?

New York recovers from Cyclone Sandy. Amul’s response

Latest Bond Film, Skyfall hits theatres

By Vidhika Khatwani, Mumbai based associate research editor. Involved in every aspects of the publishing process right from content development to editing and production for CEOWORLD Magazine print and online media.

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