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Do you think having a mentor can help make the right choices for your career?

Now you’re starting out in your career and feel the sheer terror with an endless number of choices in front of you – having a right mentor can Do you think having a mentor can help make the right choices for your career?

I believe that more than one mentor at a time, will get you to a good choice in the right professional direction. They can give you guidance on tackling challenging assignments or insights into managing time commitments. It doesn’t have to be that way. While having a mentor is very important for many reasons in helping with personal and professional development, having more than one is even better.

Here’s a few reasons you should strive by having more than one mentor:

1. A mentor your own age - make me feel safe and comfort by having a mentor your own age – mentoring is a two-way relationship.

Sheryl Sandberg

2. A mentor 2 to 5 years older than you - If someone who is been through exactly the same thing before can shares some valuable advice.

3. A mentor much older than you –  think beyond former bosses and professors, look to older family members or friends, neighbors, spiritual leaders, community leaders, the networks of your friends and colleagues, or officials of professional or trade associations you belong to.

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