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Executives who have jump from Microsoft since the start of the Steve Ballmer era

The world’s largest software maker Microsoft‘s Steven Sinofsky, head of Microsoft’s Windows unit, the chief architect of its newly launched Windows 8 operating system IS OUT. The move was unexpected, as many believed Mr. Sinofsky was going to be next CEO replaceing Steve Ballmer.

We have created a list of top senior executives who have jump from Microsoft since the start of the Steve Ballmer era:

1. Paul Maritz: Chief Strategist at EMC, Formerly CEO of VMWare – oN July 8, 2008, a retired 14-year Microsoft veteran, Paul Maritz became CEO of VMware Corporation, He recently became the chief strategist at EMC, VMWare’s parent company. EMC owns 80% of VMware.

Paul Maritz

2. Greg Maffei: Liberty Media CEO – Mr. Greg Maffei was the Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft Corporation from 1997 to 2000 and chairman of Expedia from 1999 to 2002. Now he serve as President & CEO at Liberty Media.

3. Nathan Myhrvold: Intellectual Ventures founder – He left Microsoft in 2000 to form IP holding company Intellectual Ventures.


4. Brian Valentine: Amazon Senior VP – he oversaw Windows core technology for about 8 years

5. Vic Gundotra: Google VP – general manager of developer evangelism.


6. Kevin Johnson: Juniper CEO – he led Microsoft’s Windows and Online divisions starting in 2005

7. Chris Liddell: became General Motors CFO – He was Chief Financial Officer in 2005 later he become Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of General Motors (GM).

8. Bill Veghte: HP Executive VP

9. Jeff Raikes: Gates Foundation CEO – Jeff Raikes joined Microsoft from Apple way back in 1981.

10. Stephen Elop: Nokia CEO – came from Macromedia and Adobe later he left Microsoft to become the CEO of mobile phone giant Nokia.

11. Robbie Bach: Used to run Xbox and Mobile

[@Jeff Sandquist]

12. Steven Sinofsky: going to figure out his next gig – worked at Microsoft for 20 years.
Steven Sinofsky

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