The world’s largest software maker Microsoft‘s Steven Sinofsky, head of Microsoft’s Windows unit, the chief architect of its newly launched Windows 8 operating system IS OUT. The move was unexpected, as many believed Mr. Sinofsky was going to be next CEO replaceing Steve Ballmer.

We have created a list of top senior executives who have jump from Microsoft since the start of the Steve Ballmer era:

1. Paul Maritz: Chief Strategist at EMC, Formerly CEO of VMWare – oN July 8, 2008, a retired 14-year Microsoft veteran, Paul Maritz became CEO of VMware Corporation, He recently became the chief strategist at EMC, VMWare’s parent company. EMC owns 80% of VMware.

Paul Maritz

2. Greg Maffei: Liberty Media CEO – Mr. Greg Maffei was the Chief Financial Officer of Microsoft Corporation from 1997 to 2000 and chairman of Expedia from 1999 to 2002. Now he serve as President & CEO at Liberty Media.

3. Nathan Myhrvold: Intellectual Ventures founder – He left Microsoft in 2000 to form IP holding company Intellectual Ventures.


4. Brian Valentine: Amazon Senior VP – he oversaw Windows core technology for about 8 years

5. Vic Gundotra: Google VP – general manager of developer evangelism.


6. Kevin Johnson: Juniper CEO – he led Microsoft’s Windows and Online divisions starting in 2005

7. Chris Liddell: became General Motors CFO – He was Chief Financial Officer in 2005 later he become Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of General Motors (GM).

8. Bill Veghte: HP Executive VP

9. Jeff Raikes: Gates Foundation CEO – Jeff Raikes joined Microsoft from Apple way back in 1981.

10. Stephen Elop: Nokia CEO – came from Macromedia and Adobe later he left Microsoft to become the CEO of mobile phone giant Nokia.

11. Robbie Bach: Used to run Xbox and Mobile

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12. Steven Sinofsky: going to figure out his next gig – worked at Microsoft for 20 years.
Steven Sinofsky

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