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What managers can do when they witness lack of motivation in employees?

In today’s competitive business environment, management teams wondering exactly what to do, when they witness lack of motivation in employees? Most managers these days will simply say that not all of their employees will be self-directed or highly motivated. Results to no big clients and projects. small projects, no quality work. My advice to board of directors or Senior Management – change the management rather then freshers.

Major signs – lack of motivation in employees:

1. An average decreased productivity

2. Poor performance – mot producing quality work.

3. Increased rates of absentee on employee side.

Here’s what managers should do:

1. personal connections drive employee participation. Connect and Engage!

For example, With 150,000 employees working from 64 offices and 68 development centers around the world, Infosys,a large consulting, engineering, and outsourcing firm based in India, places a premium on employee engagement – more inspired, committed, and passionate about their work.

2. Be generous and Let your employee know their skills are needed for the company –  a good managers do more than pay attention, they ask their employees about their goals and dreams

3. Make them feel like they have ownership in the firm – listen with their hearts and minds.

4. Tell them their work contributes to a bigger picture in some way.

5. Treat each one of them differently from one another.

6. Give constructive criticism — begin with their strengths, discuss weaknesses, then close with strengths again.

7. Make sure they understand their chances through internal promotion – if an employee feels stuck in their current position and sees no prospect of advancement – enhance commitment in work performance.

[by @lululemonathletica , Victor1558 , Dell ]

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Amarendra is the Chief Executive Officer and Editorial Director at CEOWORLD Magazine, and is responsible for all business management, company operations, finance, and social advertising operations.

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