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Interview with Dr Beata Dethloff – Aesthetic Medicine in Warsaw, Your Face – Your Beauty

In a new interview with Dr Beata Dethloff of Dental Excellence, Warsaw, Poland, we ask her about aesthetic medicine.

Patients with what kind of problems usually come to your clinic? Are they people with birth defects, after accidents or rather ladies who wish to enhance their beauty?

To our clinic come patients in need of basic medical aesthetic treatments, as well as those who need adjustment facial symmetry associated with malocclusion. The origins of aesthetic medicine concerned orthodontic patients. Not all patients who would like to correct the asymmetry of the face or jaw retracted want to undergo a complicated orthognathic surgery.

I have achieved a spectacular results with hyaluronic acid and botox which allow my patient to feel comfortable in spite of malocclusion. Then I started to look at the faces of people who have recovered teeth, raised short and to improve their appearance lack only the fill in their cheeks or valley of tears with hyaluronic acid and improvement of skin quality. The desire to help patients made the aesthetic department strongly developed.

Minor aesthetic procedures made the results even better. Patient’s face looked rested same as it looks after returning from vacation. And that’s the idea. Today satisfied patients recommend my services to other patients and encourage them to make typical aesthetic medicine treatments because they know that the effect will be very natural!

Dr Beata Dethloff of Dental Excellence

What treatments are usually performed?

It is a difficult question, because it is a very individual matter and depends on the needs of each person. Aesthetic medicine gives us so many opportunities and chances. We can beautify both the face and body. Most women start from the face and hands, because these are their card. If I had to point the most frequently performed procedures I would say it is a hyaluronic acid filling of the valley of tears and cheeks or lips enlargement surgery.

Valley of tears, which are the bruises under eyes, give the impression of a tired face. Face looks rested right after the procedure! Of course, Botox is also very popular because after a few days from the procedure patient looks younger for a few years. It gives the impression of a relaxed face.

Combine therapy always gives the best effect. We can not forget about firming of the skin then. Base of our clinic is analysis of the patient’s needs and expectations but also important is the proper education on prevention of aging in order to achieve the best results.

Are aesthetic medicine procedures popular among men?

I have to admit that men are increasingly coming to my consultation room. The range of treatments is the same as those that we offer to women. Nowadays, aesthetic of appearance also plays a very important role in the world of men. The times when men were ashamed to come to the aesthetic medicine clinics are over.

Although there is a certain difference in dealing with men. While middle-aged woman with gray hair on her head does not look good, man with gray hair is more attractive and looks noble. The hair dye on his head is not positively received. So it is with wrinkles. In man of a certain age we do not eliminate 100% of wrinkles to make his face look good. That’s why I always watch pictures of my patients before about 5 years. I want to compare how patient’s face looked when he was younger and to see how he is getting older. Face after well performed surgery should look naturally and have same proportions as it had about 5 years earlier.

dental clinic

Did you have to deal with some unusual requests of your clients?

I do not know what do you mean by „unusual”. There are patients who have imaginary wishes based on fashion or whim who want to have bigger lips or cheeks, even though they already look ridiculously. As a physician and esthete I discourage them and refuse further magnifying of anything if it is not consistent with my sense of aesthetics and patient’s appearance before the treatment.

I analyze the needs of the patient during the detailed interview where I ask about age, profession and what effect is expected. All these elements have to harmonize with each other. Businesswoman aged 50 can not have a mouth like a porn star. All my procedures are performed with care to keep the proportions and natural appearance.

Medical professionalism is not only the quality of treatments, but most of all the responsibility for how the patient looks like when he is leaving my clinic. Often on the streer I see people who had some procedures, but whether it has something to do with aesthetic medicine?

I have my doubts very often. I am a doctor and a person for whom relations and understanding of their needs are very important. What I do is my passion. The program of anti-aging prevention is matched to the individual needs of each patient, and each patient has his name. My company received funding for innovation in the 1.5 program of Mazovian Unit of EU Programmes Implementation. I have already started the realization of the program and the first innovative device for skin firming and fight against stretch marks and cellulite will be inaugurated in November this year! This will be the first such a device in Poland.

dental clinic

In Aesthetic Medicine we offer:

  • Peels
  • Cosmelan/dermamelan
  • Photodynamic peels
  • Botoks
  • Wrinkle fillers
  • Lip augmentation and contour correction
  • Volumizer: face oval correction, cheek augmentation
  • Mesotherapy
  • Fixer

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