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The List Of Top 50 Brands With The Highest Loyalty In The World- Best Brands Ranking

US technology giant, Apple earned its first-place ranking for the for its iPad tablets followed by e-commerce leader Amazon at number Two spot for for its Kindle tablets. Short-burst communication tool Twitter rise from #20 in 2011 to #3 this year. In the e-reader category, Amazon’s Kindle came on top, at #11, followed by Barnes & Noble’s Nook at #31 and Sony’s Reader at #44.

“In 16 years aggregating brand loyalty leaders, this is the first time we’ve seen such a seismic shift in loyalty leadership in terms of new categories and brands making their appearance in the Top 100,” said Robert Passikoff, Brand Keys founder and president. “Brand loyalty has always been primarily driven by emotional engagement, and the rankings this year make it crystal clear that connection is everything.”

apple ipad
[image by:  Johan Larsson]

With 598 brands in 83 categories for consumers to rate, there’s strong competition for the Top 100 spots. “This year certain categories rose to the top because of the high levels of engagement that consumers show, and what they deliver versus consumers’ expectations,” said Passikoff.

For the complete listing of this year’s top-100 Loyalty Leaders, please click here. The Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Leaders 2012 list included 598 brands in 83 categories by surveying more than 49,000 men and women ages 18 to 65.

Kindle by Amazon
[image by jblyberg]

This year’s top-50 loyalty leaders ranking looks like this:

1. Apple: tablets
2. Amazon: tablets
3. Apple: smartphone
4. Amazon: on-line retail
5. Apple: computer
6. Samsung: tablet
7. Call of Duty: major league gaming
8. Samsung: cellphone
9. Halo: major league gaming
10. Twitter: social networks

Twitter for Android
[image by Johan Larsson]

11. Kindle: e-reader
12. Mary Kay: cosmetics
13. Grey Goose: vodka
14. Google: search engone
15. YouTube: social networks
16. Facebook: social networks
17. Dunkin’ Donuts: coffee
18. Zappos: online retailer
19. Patron: tequila
20. Crest Whitestrips: tooth whitener

[image by Walmart Stores]

21. Walmart: discount retailer
22. Maybelline: cosmetics
23. Clinique: cosmetics, ;uxury
24. Ketel One: vodka
25. Hyundai: automotive
26. Samsung: smartphone
27. LG: cellphone
28. Mary Kay: facial moisturizer
29. Avis: car rental
30. Linkedin: social network
31. Nook: e-reader
32. McDonald’s: coffee
33. Frosted Flakes: breakfast cereal – kids
34. Stolichnaya: vodka
35. Target: discount retailers
36. Sam’s Club: price clubs
37. Sephora: cosmetics
38. Sanyo: cellphone
39. Ford: automotive
40. Lancome: cosmetics, luxury
41. Samsung: computer
42. Don Julio: tequila
43. J.Crew: retail, apparel
44. Nook: e-reader
45. Starbucks: coffee
46. Toyota: automotive
47. 5-minute Whitening: tooth whitener
48. L’Oreal: cosmetics
49. Max Factor: cosmetics
50. Elizabeth Arden: facial moisturize, luxury

[image by visualpanic]

The brands that showed the greatest loyalty gains this year were:

1. Sephora (+60)
2. Starbucks (+55)
3. Ford (+47)
4. Samsung smartphones (+30)
5. Costco (+24)

Netflix Cuevana
[image by Daniel_Afanador]

Brands that saw the greatest erosion included:

1. Netflix (-69)
2. Bing (-60)
3. Blackberry (-40)
4. B.J.’s Price Club (-31)
5. Flickr (-29)

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