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List of celebrities throwing star power on causes they support to increase public awareness

Today, i have created list of famous celebrities throwing their star power on causes they support to increase the public’s awareness.

1. George Clooney –  Academy Award winner George Clooney was arrested on March 16, 2012 for participating in a protest outside the Sudanese embassy in Washington DC  to draw attention to ongoing violence in sudan. “Our job right now is to try to bring attention to it,” Clooney said, “and one of those ways was, apparently, to get arrested.”

2. Russell Simmons – the co-founder of Def Jam records, Russell Simmons supports “the Occupy movement” and made a speech “You represent the seeds of a revolution”, including tweets at New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and even one quoting Gandhi.

“Dear @MikeBloomberg — I will pay for clean-up of Zuccotti Park to avoid confrontation. I don’t wanna go to jail but I will be there ready!,” Simmons tweeted. He also suggested Bloomberg was attempting a ruse and announced he was ready to be arrested.

3. Jane Fonda – one of the most famous actress and tow times Academy Award winner Jane Fonda was a Vietnam protestor in the 1970s — touring military towns and universities speaking on behalf of the soldiers. “I was infuriated as I learned just how much our soldiers were being lied to about why we were fighting in Vietnam and I was anguished each time I would be with a young man who was traumatized by his experiences.”

4. John Lennon and Yoko Ono – one of the most famous singer of all times John Lennon married Japanese artist and author Yoko Ono in 1969 held two week-long Bed-Ins for Peace in Amsterdam and Montreal.

5. Susan Sarandon – Oscar-winning actress, Susan Sarandon has supported many causes,  the one got most media attention was was a 1999 protest over the police shooting of unarmed West African immigrant Amadou Diallo in New York City.

6. Hayden Panettiere – in 2007  Hayden Panettiere traveled to Japan to protest the annual dolphin hunt in Taiji.

7. Daryl Hannah – environmentalist Daryl Hannah arrested several times for her activism.

8. Lucy Lawless – the Xena: Warrior Princess star Lucy Lawless is a Greenpeace activists, she was arrested in a  four-day protest aboard a Shell oil drilling ship in her native New Zealand last February.

9. Sean Penn – Oscar winner and leading activist Sean Penn walked through downtown Cairo with Egyptian actor Khaled el-abawi to demonstrate that Egypt was still a safe place to visit despite the uprising.

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