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List Of Coolest, Desirable And Gorgeous Female Actors In Hollywood

Today, i have compiled a list of Coolest and gorgeous Female actors in Hollywood! What’s surprising is discovering, these girls are beyond cool – incredibly down-to-earth and friendly – brings poise, grace and a sense of humor to every role. But most of all, these are the few Female actors i’d really just love to sit down and have a beer with or may be wine. Here you can also find my list of coolest male actors in Hollywood – awesome dudes.

So, without further ado, here is your list of coolest and gorgeous Female actors in Hollywood – Actresses i would love to meet for lunch/dinner:

1) Emma Stone

2) Rashida Jones

3) Zooey Deschanel

4) Julia Roberts

5) Nicole Kidman

6) Anna Kendrick

7) Helen Mirren

8) Kristen Bell

9) Mila Kunis

10) Ellen DeGeneres

11) Julianne Moore

12) Lizzy Caplan

13) Emily Blunt

14) Jennifer Lawrence

15) Kat Dennings

16) Rachel McAdams

17) Meryl Streep

18) Kirsten Dunst

19) Scarlett Johansson

20) Hannah Simone

No matter what, we all have different tastes in cool, If you don’t agree with my selection, tell me about it  in the comments section below.

image by , @NicoleKidmanOfficial , @david_shankbone , @Pop Culture Geek , @Mila-Kunis , @Tulane Public Relations , @Emily Blunt , @Photoshoot13 , @carao  @Camila Stewart , @WeLoveScarlettJohansson , @fuckyeahhotactres  and @pink .

Sorry, How could I miss P!ink?

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Amarendra is the Chief Executive Officer and Editorial Director at CEOWORLD Magazine, and is responsible for all business management, company operations, finance, and social advertising operations.

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