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List of Most Expensive Cars Owned By Famous Celebrities

Kim Kardashian – It seem, Kim Kardashian has a taste for the lavish life and what she drives is no exception, 2013 Mercedes G63, it isn’t even available in market yet, but guess who got the first one! 31-year-old, Reality TV star Kim Kardashian, treating herself to a brand new car. She also own a Black Bentley Continential GT worth $190,000, $275,000 white Ferrari 458 Italia, a Black Range Rover HSE, a $250,000 black Rolls Royce Ghost, and a $300,000 white Rolls Royce Phantom. You can follow her on Twitter.

Car – white Ferrari 458 Italia
Price Tag: $275,000

Car – 2013 Mercedes G63
Price Tag: $150,000

Car – Black Bentley Continential GT
Price Tag:  $190,000

Car – Black Rolls Royce Ghost
Price Tag:  $250,000

Car – White Rolls Royce Phantom
Price Tag:  $300,000

Paris Hilton – famous for her elegance, casual and sexy style, the blonde socialite, also known her love for expensive cars and amongst which her diamond studded pink Bentley costs $400,000. The car was especially customized for her with diamond encrusted dashboard and this Barbie-inspired car is fitted with pink upholstery.

Car – Bentley GT Continental (convertible)
Price Tag: $285,000

Car – Bentley GT Continental (Pink)
Price Tag: $400,000

Car – Lexus LFA sports car
Price Tag: $375,000

P.Diddy – Sean “P.Diddy/Puff Daddy” Combs gave his son a  $360,000 German luxury Maybach Zeppelin sports car, this is one of flashiest cars that a person can purchase is  capable of topping 177 miles per hour on the road, and reportedly can go from zero to 60 miles per hour in 4.9 seconds.

Car – Maybach Zeppelin sports car
Price Tag: $360,000

David Beckham –  David Beckham’s car collection includes a Ferrari 575, Ferrari F430, Lamborghini Gallardo, two Bentley Arnages, a Porsche 911 Turbo, Rolls-Royce Phantom and the retro Aston Martin V8.

Car – Custom Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophe
Price Tag: $407,000

Jerry Seinfeld
Car – Porsche 959
Price Tag: $700,000

Nicolas Cage
Car – Ferrari Enzo
Price Tag: $670,000

Jay Leno
Car – Mercedes SLR McLaren
Price Tag: $450,000

Simon Cowell
Car – Bugatti Veyron
Price Tag: $1,700,000

Rapper Birdman
Car – Bugatti Veyron
Price Tag: $2 Million

Jay Z – Jay Z drives the Maybach Exelero in the music video of his song, “Lost One”, can reach a speed of 218.38mph, despite weighing over 2.66 tonnes. Guess if you’re on the top of Forbes’ lists every year, you can afford an $8 million ride.
Car – Maybach Exelero
Price Tag: $8,000,000

Celebrities are famous for their extravagant lifestyle and their car collections — just mind-bogglingly brilliant. You can share your favorite car in comment below!!!


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