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List of the wealthiest youngsters in entertainment industry from across the globe


Today, we bring you the list of highest earning young celebrities or wealthiest youngsters from across the globe n entertainment Industry. Let’s check out, who is in the big leagues and how much they’re worth!

Please let me know if you think I have left something out that should be included in the list, in comment below OR tweet @ceoworld

1) Taylor Swift (Age: 22, Pay: $57 million) – American singer-songwriter, you can follow her on facebook @TaylorSwift, twitter @taylorswift13 and official website.

2) Justin Bieber (Age: 18, Pay: $55 million) – a Canadian singer–songwriter, you can follow him on facebook @JustinBieber, twitter @justinbieber , YouTube @justinbieber and official website.

3) Rihanna (Age: 24, Pay: $53 million) –

4) Lady Gaga (Age: 26, Pay: $52 million) –

5) Katy Perry (Age: 27, Pay: $45 million) –

6) Adele (Age: 24, Pay: $35 million) –

7) Kristen Stewart (Age: 22, Pay: $34.5 million) –

8) Lil Wayne (Age: 29, Pay: $27 million) –

9) Taylor Lautner (Age: 20, Pay: $26.5 million) –

10) Robert Pattinson (Age: 26, Pay: $26.5 million)  –

Elizabeth Haggar


Elizabeth Haggar

Arizona-based financial adviser who builds and manages client portfolios using a mix of individual stocks and ETFs. She has helped identify and develop several trading strategies in numerous commodities markets for her clientele.

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