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Why Choose Vistula University Online MBA Degree Program?

MBA in Project Management: developed by an interdisciplinary and international team from the academicians and specialists in sector and our graduate program is designed to prepare technically qualified individuals for responsible management roles in the major projects has much to offer to interested in the exciting world of projects.

Project Management Professional Practice: includes specific activities like defining the responsibilities and management structure of the project management team, organizing and leading by implementing project controls, defining roles and responsibilities and developing communication protocols, identifying elements of project design and likely to give rise to disputes and claims.

The objective of programme is to improve the level and quality of professionalism of the adult population and to implement regional and educational quality. The programme develops the knowledge and skills required by tomorrow’s leaders, providing the management expertise.

Vistula University

Vistula University

Why Project Management?

There’s a growing interest in project-oriented management among the organizations worldwide. The awareness of project management in business importance for organizations efficiency and effectiveness, getting a competitive advantage and business results improvement is growing.

Today’s organizations are increasingly demanding leaders with specialized skills who can meet business challenges through innovative solutions. The complexities required in modern projects means there is demand for graduates equipped to manage the entire business project – from planning/design through to completion, as well as business imperatives. Specifically developed to fulfill these demands. All empower you with credentials to set you apart from the competition and tools to successfully lead in any organization or industry.

What Do Graduated Project Managers Do?

Graduates from MBA in Project Management are experts in their field, and they find jobs in development, planning, directing, coordinating, budget activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, managerial positions, and as independent entrepreneurs.

MBA in Construction Management

Developed by an interdisciplinary team: the MBA in Construction Management programme is specially designed to enable graduate engineers, planners, quantity surveyors, architects and other related professionals to expand their decision-making horizons given the kind of parameters and risks which international construction managers have to confront.

The program is designed to extend your professional talent, raising the bar for the construction industry. The Program prepares participants to deal with the changes in the construction industry.

The main objective of the program is to develop competent and well rounded construction managers who will have the skills to source, secure and effectively manage projects in the domestic and international construction market. It is a valuable career development opportunity for any practicing construction industry.

Vistula University

Vistula University

What is Construction management?

Construction Management is a professional service that applies effective management techniques to the planning, design, and construction of a project from inception to completion for the purpose of controlling time, cost and quality.

Construction Management is a discipline and management system specifically created to promote the successful execution of capital projects for owners. These projects can be highly complex. Few owners maintain the staff resources necessary to pay close, continuing attention to every detail-yet these details can “make or break” a project.

What Do Construction Managers Do?

Construction managers plan, direct, coordinate, and budget activities concerned with the construction and maintenance of structures, facilities and systems. They participate in the conceptual development of a construction project and oversee its organization, scheduling, and implementation.

Why Choose Vistula University Online MBA?

Our success is based on professionalism, reliability and our faculty and students’ rigorous work. We believe that our experienced faculty is the key to E- MBA’s success. It’s their enthusiasm to teach, their erudite focus on the subject matter and their professional insight that build the top-notch quality of our programs.

E- MBA programs have been developed to satisfy demand for professional managers who are technically competent in analyzing, planning, implementing, as well as managing the complexity of modern projects. The programs are co developed with companies that have years of experience in these fields. Thus, Vistula E- MBA gives you the opportunity to learn the best practices from the best in the field.

Vistula University

Vistula University

A ‘Project’ to Build Your Career

Our E- MBA Program in project and construction management utilize solid well-established management techniques and concepts as well as innovative ones that are emerging. Courses are designed around practical issues that are the subject of applications industry uses on an everyday basis. Graduates of the E- MBA programs will be expected to put knowledge into practice before they receive well-deserved MBA Diplomas after 4 semesters from orientation to graduation.

Study for an E-MBA from a leading University

100% online MBA in Project Management or MBA in Construction Management from Vistula University

IT’S RELEVANT – we teach applications you will always need in professional life

IT’S CURRENT – you will learn cutting edge knowledge and technical expertise

IT’S VALUABLE – you will have the advantage of having a rare MBA in just 4 semesters

IT’S INTERNATIONAL – an international network of professional contacts and friends

About Vistula University

Founded in 1996 as ‘the University of Economics and Computer Science’, one of the first private universities of Poland, VU has proven its dedication to its mission through creating an excellent environment for education and research. Since its establishment, VU has had a very successful track record of teaching and research. A fact attested by its nearly 20 thousand graduates.

The University’s pursuit of excellence has gained global recognition. It has a uniquely international atmosphere with academic programs that meet the requirements of competitive global markets of tomorrow.

Vistula University has been awarded the European Medal and the “Leader University” Certificate (2011) assigned by the prestigious Business Centre Club of Poland and has obtained the title of ‘the Ambassador of Polish Science’. It has also received a special award for its stellar rise in rankings among non-public Universities.


The objective of our Master Degree Programs are to improve the level and quality of professionalism of the adult population and to implement regional, educational and specific quality.


To be a world-class Master Management Education Program, providing professional and value-added services to our students to achieve Industry Excellence.


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Vistula University

Vistula University

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