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Apple unconfirmed rumors, iPhone 5 might get a larger 4-inch screen?

Here i have gathered together all the latest Apple unconfirmed rumors from last week– some of them even coming from more or less reputable sources— you might be able to trust!

iPhone 5 to have a Larger Screen, 4 inches diagonally, compared with 3.5 inches on Apple’s latest model- Lorraine Luk and juro Osawa says, The new iPhone that Apple Inc (AAPL) is expected to unveil this year is likely to have a larger display than its current models have.

According to Reiji Murai, The new iPhone screens will measure 4 inches from corner to corner, a roughly 30 percent increase in viewing area. Early production with with bigger new screens has begun at3 suppliers: Korea’s LG Display Co Ltd, Sharp Corp and Japan Display Inc. Even Adam Satariano and Jun Yang at bloomberg said, Apple Inc. is preparing to overhaul the look of its iPhone and placed orders from suppliers in Asia for screens that are bigger than the 3.5- inch size now on the smartphone.

A 7-inch iPad iPad Mini is coming out toward the end of 2012. Steve Kovach published a research note from Barclay’s, in which the authoring analysts announce that “recent research” tells them that a smaller iPad “in the 7” range” is coming this fall.

iPad Mini

iPad Mini

The reputable Apple blog 9to5Mac claims that the next-generation MacBook Pro, to be released in the summertime with a Retina display, a thinner body, a faster USB 3.0 connection, and — are you ready for this?

What is your reaction to news that the iPhone 5 might get a larger 4-inch screen?

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