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Add Fellody, Tastebuds Apps to your Spotify desktop player and start flirting, romance through music

Spotify, the popular online music streaming service, launched two new apps — and Fellody, available in English and German languages. Both of these apps will rely on your taste in music to look for you love- romance through music!

Fellody and Tastebuds analyze your favorite artists, the songs taste in music, and your playlists in order to match you up with 10 million Spotify users worldwide.

“Essentially it takes the main Tastebuds experience and puts it inside of Spotify, making it (we believe) one of the most ambitious and comprehensive Spotify apps to-date,” said Tastebuds’ co-founder Alex Parish.

“We’ve found that 48% of our users have never used a dating site before. This is one of our key differentiators – we’re reaching an audience that other dating sites don’t. Music seems to be the key here, reducing the stigma of meeting new people online.

“We’re confident that Tastebuds’ Spotify app will see significant traction. For example, Songkick has registered more than 100,000 new users via their Spotify app, and we’re hoping to see similar growth, exposing the service to new audiences – always difficult for a dating site.”


Fellody by Spotify

Fellody by Spotify

Looks like, with apps new and ambitious Apps Spotify is jumping into the online matchmaking a with a twist, starting out a blind date with the question, “What kind of music do you like?”

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