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Wikipedia has apparently joined SOPA Strike proposed by Reddit


The online encyclopedia Wikipedia has apparently joined “SOPA Strike or blackout”, initially proposed by Reddit on Wednesday, January 18, company issued an official statement confirming and joined the ranks of several websites that are planning a “blackout”. During the SOPA Strike period, many websites will become unavailable and more likely be replaced with info pages about the protest “blackout pages”.

Proposed designs for Wikipedia

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales announced that the English-language version of Wikipedia will go dark on January 18, for 24 hours — from midnight EST on January 18 until midnight EST January 19. “Still preparing final messaging but don’t worry – I think as many as 100 million people will see it on Wednesday. :)”

According a tweet posted by @Jimmy_Wales, All US Citizens: #WikipediaBlackout means nothing unless you call your Senators. Do it now! Give friends the number too!

Amarendra Bhushan


Amarendra Bhushan

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