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Top 25 Ukrainian women Celebrities- Beautiful Female Celebrities Ukraine

Yulia Tymoshenko (public and political figure in Ukraine, the Ukrainian prime minister in February – September 2005 and  from December 2007 – March 2010. In October 11, 2011 the Court in Kiev sentenced Yulia Tymoshenko to seven years in prison).

Ani Lorak (Ukrainian pop singer, national artist of Ukraine, which finished second in the Eurovision Song Contest 2008, with the song “Shady Lady”. UN Goodwill Ambassador for HIV AIDS in the Ukraine)

Ruslana (Ukrainian singer, songwriter and producer. The winner of “Eurovision” in 2004 with the song “Wild Dances”. In 2004 was awarded the title People’s Artist of Ukraine.).

Svetlana Loboda (Ukrainian singer, designer private label F * ck ‘n’ macho. Represented Ukraine at the Eurovision Song Contest with song “Be my Valentine (Anti crisis Girl)”. Playing under the stage name LOBODA.)

Tina Karol (Ukrainian singer and actress, singer Song and Dance Ensemble of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Honored Artist of Ukraine (2009). In the spring of 2011, together with Sergey Lazarev and duo Alibi, has become the leading music project “Maydan`s» in Ukrainian TV channel “Inter”).

Anastasia Prikhodko (Ukrainian pop singer. Acquired fame after winning the First Channel show “Star Factory 7”, and then began working with producer Konstantin Meladze. Represented Russia at the song contest “Eurovision-2009” with the Russian-Ukrainian song “Mamo”).

Iryna Bilyk (Ukrainian singer, Honoured Artist of Ukraine (1996), People’s Artist of Ukraine (2008). It is called the “Ukrainian Madonna” due to the large number of hits, frequent change of image and influence in the Ukrainian show business.)

Nadya Meyher – Granovskaya (Ex-soloist of “VIA Gra”. Her magnificent forms are the envy of even the Pamela Anderson, because they went to Nadia from her mother, not the plastic surgeon)

Dasha Astafieva (Ukrainian model, singer, TV presenter, actress, singer of the group NikitA. Gained fame by winning the title of Playmate of the Month commemorative magazine Playboy)

Monroe (startling  and scandalous travesty-diva. It is not only stylish and brilliant woman, but the real Miss “Swarovski”. This is probably the only representative of the beau monde, where you can see almost all the products the brand.)

Alexandrа Nikolaenko (“Miss Ukraine-2001”. It is a goodwill ambassador of the UN. And also the organizer of many acts of charity)

Olga Sumskaya (“everlasting Roxelana.” Olga – the standard of beauty and refined taste, which emphasize its glamorous costumes, hair and winning smile.)

Irena Kilchytska (one of the deputy mayor of the city Kiev. She does not change his own style for many years. Black straight bangs is the biznes card this Lady).

Svetlana Volnova (She is icon chic and glamorous socialite. She promote the image of the terrible bitch in show business.)

Diana Dorozhkina (Ukrainian designer, also known as “the queen of corsets”)

Gaytana (She’s known Afro-Ukrainian singer, the only dark-skinned singer of Ukraine. Its Called Ukrainian “Tina Turner”).

Nastya Kamenskih (She is the brightest and the first representative of the “kolkhoz R’n’B”, appears in a duet with Potap. She starred in photosession for the magazine Playboy)

Taisiya Povaliy (Ukrainian singer and actress, Honoured Artist of Ukraine (1996), People’s Artist of Ukraine (1997). Ropular in Ukraine and other counties of CIS).

Vera Brezhneva (Ukrainian singer, actress, TV presenter, former soloist of the pop group VIA Gra (2003-2007). Vera has a daughter, Sonya. In November 2006, Vera married a Ukrainian businessman Michael Kiperman and changed its surname to Kiperman. December 17, 2009 had a daughter, Sarah)

Sofia Rotaru (is a Soviet and Ukrainian pop singer of Romanian/Moldavian heritage. Her repertoire includes more than 400 songs in Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian / Moldavian, Bulgarian, Serbian, Polish, German, Italian, Spanish and English.)

Ekaterina Bondarenko (Ukrainian tennis player. It occupies 36th place in the international ranking of women’s Tennis Association WTA. On account of a tennis player more than $ 1.5 million in prize money. The most enviable bride lives in the U.S.)

Anna Bessonova (athlete representing gymnastics, playing in individual championship. The absolute world champion in 2007, five-time world champion, three-time European champion. The fans called her The Queen of Elegance)

Inna Tsymbalyuk (model, TV presenter, actress. Gained fame by winning the contest “Miss Ukraine-Universe 2006.”).

Lilia Podkopayeva (gymnast Honoured Master of Sports of Ukraine (1994), International Judge. In 2008,  the UN released a gymnast U.S. postage stamp which depicts Podkopayeva).

Masha Efrosinina (leading programs on Ukrainian television).

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