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Top 10 Best Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Mac OS (Apple) Software List

Bento 3 What’s your passion? Selling products, building client relationships, booking your band, organizing volunteers, running marathons, collecting coins? Whatever it is, Bento can help you do it better – the fast, fun, and easy way! Bento links directly to the Address Book and iCal information you already have on your Mac to display your contacts and calendars in new and exciting ways. With exciting new ways to display your iPhoto information, bento makes it a snap to track more details about your photos.

Salesforce Sales reps get a complete customer picture at a glance—including account history, contacts, interactions, assets, and more. Now you can follow customer accounts in the Accounts Chatter feed, where updates are sent in real time. With the Sales Cloud, team and customer information is in one place, where updates are shared instantly, making it easy to build stronger, longer-lasting relationships.

AIMcrm -AIMcrm CRM Software is feature-rich to say the least. Powerful sales lead management tools allow you to distribute leads with ease, and close more sales more efficiently. Whether you are selling leads, or you are working leads to sell you products or services, AIMcrm can help to streamline your lead flow. Collect all of your leads into one central database. Have the CRM Software system delegate the leads automatically. Users can log in and manage their sales leads from any location without running additional software. They can access AIMcrm with any web browser. Data mining and a searchable database make it easy for the user to find the information that they are looking for. Managers can see the progress of sales as they move through the sales pipeline. Create tasks with reminders so follow-up opportunities are not missed. Automate processes at different stages of the sales process such as email notifications, or sending marketing material.

Elements CRM –Elements CRM is the Mac Customer Relationship Management solution for Apple Business or Enterprise. It’s so easy to use; just think iTunes® for business. Elements CRM is used to manage your company’s sales, contacts, calls, projects, tasks, meetings, notes, time and billing, marketing, finance, documents and so much more.

Marketcircle Daylite Suite – Daylite is a sophisticated & robust customer relationship management (CRM) software package developed by Marketcircle, inc. Dialectic integrates with Daylite in a number of locations. If Daylite is installed on this machine, it will appear in several menus throughout the Dialectic interface (if it is not installed, if will not appear in these menus). Daylite works at the center of your business, helping you stay on track and deliver on time. From shared calendars to simple projects, to contact management to email integration, Daylite keeps you organized and frees your mind of clutter. Get Daylite, worry less and spend time doing what you do best.

Contactizer Pro -Contactizer Pro 3.8 is an amazing all-in-one solution for managing, sharing and organizing your personal and business activities. Following the prodigious success of it first release, Contactizer Pro makes your business management experience more efficient, productive and enjoyable. Contactizer Pro combines a wealth of innovative features with an intuitive interface to create a clean and elegant package specifically built for Mac OS X.

Relationship -Your contacts are what drive your business forward—these are your clients, colleagues, and business partners. Relationship lets you capture a full contact picture instantly. In addition to the typical contact details (name, phone number, email address, etc.), Relationship displays the names of projects that involve your contact, meetings scheduled with your contact, and much more. Building strong, continuing relationships does not have to be difficult.

Studiometry – Studiometry can store information about clients, contacts, projects, to do’s, payments, timers, invoices, reports, employees and more. It features networking, multiple employee support (with permissions and hour tracking), simultaneous search of all data, multiple currencies (with automatic exchange rate updating), multiple contacts per client, project and client statuses and categories, modifiable taxes, and many more features.

iDeal CRM -A user-friendly, easy-to-understand customer relationship management (CRM) software for getting your company’s data centralized and organized. It supports the invoicing, contact management, project management, business history, business tasks, reminders, knowledge base and many more customer related functions. It was built using the award winning FileMaker database engine. The iDeal CRM software is available in a very affordable single user edition and a network capable multi user edition too.

SOHO Organizer – SOHO Organizer is a powerful productivity suite consisting of three applications that work harmoniously together: SOHO Organizer, SOHO Notes, and SOHO Print Essentials. SOHO Organizer supports MobileMe’s new CalDAV-based calendars and lets you set up access to these calendars by simply entering your MobileMe ID and password. It couldn’t be easier.

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