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SocialCode Facebook-focused marketing agency by Washington Post

The Washington Post officially announced its entry into Facebook-focused marketing business by launching a new company- SocialCode. The company focuses solely on helping companies with marketing and advertising on Facebook. The Post did not disclose any current clients.

Acording to the website “SocialCode, a subsidiary of the Washington Post Company, has roots in performance marketing and advertising. Over a year ago, SocialCode developed an expertise running effective internal Facebook performance ad campaigns. We realized that this was something that could be useful to brands everywhere and decided to take that skill set out to the marketplace. We have since expanded our expertise to include engagement and fan monetization strategies. Our skilled front-end creative team and performance-driven analytics team allow SocialCode to run faster and smarter on day one on any Facebook campaign. “

SocialCode is doing some of the most advanced advertising and marketing on Facebook. Our history of running ads at high volumes, our close working relationship with Facebook and our experienced team allow us to effectively optimize Facebook inventory.

We specialize in using advanced quantitative methods to run advertising campaigns on Facebook to help brands:

– efficiently grow their fan base
– engage fans
– conduct message testing and market research
– and monetize fans

SocialCode can test faster and smarter on day one on any Facebook campaign.

“SocialCode allows companies to capitalize on Facebook’s offerings. We know the technology and we know what works, so we can design campaigns that enable brands to make the most of their advertising and marketing dollars on Facebook,” said SocialCode general manager Laura Graham O’Shaughnessy.

“Facebook provides a dynamic, complex platform for advertisers and publishers alike, ripe with opportunity for all. The Washington Post Company is committed to being best of breed across all our business lines,” said Vijay Ravindran, senior vice president and chief digital officer of The Washington Post Company. “We’re excited to offer innovative services to the advertising community through SocialCode’s valuable technology and dedicated team.”

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