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Top Best American Funds you can buy now

American Funds American Mutual A [[AMRMX]]- The fund seeks current income, growth of capital and conservation of principal. The fund invests primarily in common stocks of companies that are likely to participate in the growth of the American economy and whose dividends appear to be sustainable. It invests primarily in securities of issuers domiciled in the United States and Canada. The fund may also invest in debt securities.

SOUND SHORE FUND [[SSHFX]]- The investment seeks growth of capital. The fund invests primarily in equity securities selected on the basis of fundamental value. It predominately invests in large and mid capitalization common stocks. The fund may invest assets in other types of securities such as corporate debt securities, preferred stock and convertible securities

T. Rowe Price Equity Income [[PRFDX]]- The investment seeks to provide substantial dividend income as well as long-term growth of capital. The fund will normally invest at least 80% of assets in common stocks, with 65% in the common stocks of well-established companies paying above-average dividends. It invests most assets in U.S. common stocks, and may also purchase other securities including foreign stocks, futures, and options.

Vanguard Windsor II Investor [[VWNFX]]- The investment seeks long-term capital appreciation and income. The fund invests mainly in mid- and large-capitalization companies whose stocks are considered by an advisor to be undervalued. Undervalued stocks are generally those that are out of favor with investors and that the advisor feels are trading at prices that are below average in relation to such measures as earnings and book value. These stocks often have above-average dividend yields.

Vanguard Total Stock Market ETF [[VTI]]- The investment seeks to track the performance of a benchmark index that measures the investment return of the overall stock market. The fund employs a passive management strategy designed to track the performance of the MSCI US Broad Market index, which consists of all the U.S. common stocks traded regularly on the New York Stock Exchange and the Nasdaq over-the-counter market. It typically holds 1,200-1,300 of the stocks in its target index.

Selected American Shares S [[SLASX]]- The investment seeks growth of capital and income. The fund normally invests at least 80% of assets in securities of U.S. companies, including common stocks, convertibles, fixed-income securities, and short-term instruments. It invests the majority of assets in equity securities issued by large companies with market capitalization of at least $10 billion.

FMI Large Cap [[FMIHX]]- The investment seeks long-term capital appreciation. The fund invests in a limited number of large capitalization (companies with more than $5 billion market capitalization)value stocks of companies listed or traded on a national securities exchange or on a national securities association. It uses fundamental analysis to look for stocks of good businesses that are selling at value prices in an effort to achieve above average performance with below average risk. The fund is nondiversified.

Fidelity Spartan Total Market Index Inv [[FSTMX]]- The investment seeks to match the total return of a broad range of United States stocks. The fund normally invests at least 80% of the assets in common stocks included in the Dow Jones U.S. Total Stock Market Index. The advisor uses sampling techniques to replicate the returns of the index while investing in a smaller number of securities. To select stocks, the advisor takes into consideration capitalization, industry exposure, dividend yield, price/earnings ratio, price/book ratio, and earnings growth.

Fairholme [[FAIRX]]- The investment seeks long-term growth of capital. The fund primarily invests a focused portfolio of equity and fixed-income securities. It may invest in, and may shift frequently among, the asset classes and market sectors. The fixed-income securities in which the fund invests include U.S. corporate debt securities, non-U.S. corporate debt securities, U.S. government and agency debt securities, short-term debt obligations of foreign governments and foreign money-market instruments. It is nondiversified.

AMERICAN FDS AMCAP FUND A [[AMCPX]]- The investment seeks long-term growth of capital. The fund invests primarily in stocks of issuers located in the U.S. but may invest in non-U.S. securities to a limited extent. It generally purchases growth-oriented, equity-type securities which involves large price swings and potential for loss. The management focuses primarily on companies with attributes that are associated with long-term growth.

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