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Top Best Voice or speech Recognition Software

Here is the List of speech or Voice recognition software:

Dragon Naturally Speaking , Nuance Communications Inc. [[NUAN]]- World’s best-selling speech recognition software. This revolutionary and easy-to-use product gives you everything you need to be more efficient with your PC. Turn your voice into text three times faster than most people type with up to 99% accuracy. It’s so easy, you can use it right out of the box. It learns to recognize your voice instantly and continually improves the more you use it.

Dragon NaturallySpeaking works with the most commonly used desktop applications, including Microsoft Word, Internet Explorer, AOL and more! Just about anything you do now by typing can be done faster using your voice. Create and edit documents or emails. Open and close applications. Control your mouse and entire desktop.

MacSpeech Dictate – MacSpeech Dictate will astonish you with its accuracy. You simply talk and leave the recognition to MacSpeech Dictate. MacSpeech Dictate recognizes and understands 13 English language variations, nine with U.S. spelling and four with U.K. spelling.

e-Speaking – A comprehensive voice and speech recognition program to use your voice for command & control of your computer and dictation. Reduce or eliminate mouse clicks or keyboard input. Open Web sites, documents, or programs using your voice. Perform navigation and editing functions, dictate letters, memos, and email messages. Begin talking to your PC now. With Animated Avatar. Hear and see your computer read emails, documents, and memos.

Talking desktop – Software lets you issue commands to your computer with a headset and listen to your computer talkback in its speakers. The project began with the broad goal of developing a talking and listening software program with artificial intelligence in the back of everyone’s mind. Within that goal company wanted to offer a hands-free desktop environment combined with an interactive speech technology product for the Assistive Technology and Home Computer markets.

Tazti – Free Speech Recognition Software by Voice Tech Group, Inc. – The Tazti application was designed to be a voice recognition search software. It allows a user to make searches of many search engines by talking to his/her PC. Users can log into, navigate and search the Facebook and Myspace websites by speaking to their PC, Users can control the iTunes player (by Apple) if it’s installed on their PC, change tracks, adjust volume, search or spellsearch itunes music store and perform 30 other functions by speaking to their PC, Users can perform searches and spellsearches of popular search engines… Google, Yahoo, MSN, Wikipedia, ASK by speaking to their PC. Tell tazti which search engine to use, then when it signals you with a beep, tell it what to search for – and it brings you the results of your search, Users can perform searches and spellsearches for videos, photos, music and other items on AOL Video, Flicker, Amazon and Ebay by speaking to their PC…

Windows Speech Recognition – Windows Speech Recognition in Windows Vista empowers users to interact with their computers by voice. It was designed for people who want to significantly limit their use of the mouse and keyboard while maintaining or increasing their overall productivity. You can dictate documents and emails in mainstream applications, use voice commands to start and switch between applications, control the operating system, and even fill out forms on the Web.

CMU Sphinx -CMU Sphinx is one of the most popular open source speech recognition systems. It is currently used by researchers and developers in many locations world-wide, including universities, research institutions and in industry. CMU Sphinx’s liberal license terms has made it a significant member of the open source community and has provided a low-cost way for companies to build businesses around speech recognition.

VoxForge— VoxForge was set up to collect transcribed speech for use in Open Source Speech Recognition Engines (“SRE”s) such as such as ISIP, HTK, Julius and Sphinx.

Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) -The Hidden Markov Model Toolkit (HTK) is a portable toolkit for building and manipulating hidden Markov models. HTK is primarily used for speech recognition research although it has been used for numerous other applications including research into speech synthesis, character recognition and DNA sequencing. HTK is in use at hundreds of sites worldwide.

HTK consists of a set of library modules and tools available in C source form. The tools provide sophisticated facilities for speech analysis, HMM training, testing and results analysis. The software supports HMMs using both continuous density mixture Gaussians and discrete distributions and can be used to build complex HMM systems. The HTK release contains extensive documentation and examples.

Julius – “Julius” is a high-performance, two-pass large vocabulary continuous speech recognition (LVCSR) decoder software for speech-related researchers and developers. Based on word N-gram and context-dependent HMM, it can perform almost real-time decoding on most current PCs in 60k word dictation task. Major search techniques are fully incorporated such as tree lexicon, N-gram factoring, cross-word context dependency handling, enveloped beam search, Gaussian pruning, Gaussian selection, etc. Besides search efficiency, it is also modularized carefully to be independent from model structures, and various HMM types are supported such as shared-state triphones and tied-mixture models, with any number of mixtures, states, or phones. Standard formats are adopted to cope with other free modeling toolkit such as HTK, CMU-Cam SLM toolkit, etc.

Voice Finger – Voice Finger is a software tool that enables you to control your mouse and keyboard just using your voice, in the fastest possible way.

IBM ViaVoice – With Embedded ViaVoice technology behind today’s small mobile devices and automotive telematics systems, developers can easily provide users with voice access to information. Provides fully integrated, automatic speech-recognition and text-to-speech capabilities for small mobile devices, including automotive telematics systems and hands-free phones, Helps minimize the skills and time needed to develop advanced voice applications for devices and remote systems, Includes freeform command support for natural and intuitive command phrases that do not need to be known ahead of time or memorized for future use.


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