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Intel Atom processor CE4100 media chip, 45nm SoC for internet TV- Intel television technology

Intel has developed a new set of Atom processors designed for the use in TVs. The Atom CE4100 is wound around a 45nm technology chip and runs at a speed of 1.2Ghz.The technology is well suited managing screens, playback, hardware decoding of up to 2x high definition video streams.

Additional features include hardware decode for MPEG4 video, which is ready for DivX Home Theatre 3.0 certification, an integrated nand Flash controller, support for DDR2 and DDR3 memory and 512K L2 cache.

This technology was demonstrated by Intel’s chief technology officer Justin Rattner recently in a press conference. He also provided some other functions that the new kit could perform. Meantime, he hoped to get new applications for the product, based on the software development kit as announced by the company.

TV is gradually becoming an application than a device, the Intel chief added.

Adobe has also added its Flash software on the TV. So now, the TV sets with the widgets and Flash, will gain a major attraction like that of Smartphones.

It supports internet and broadcast applications on one chip and is the newest SoC in a range of processors to bring internet content to digital TVs, DVD players and advanced set top boxes.

Eric Kim, senior vice president and general manager, Intel Digital Home Group, said: “Traditional broadcast networks are quickly shifting from a linear model to a multistream, internet optimised model to offer consumers digital entertainment that compliments the TV such as social networking, 3D gaming and streaming video. At the centre of the TV evolution is the CE4100 media processor, a new architecture that meets the critical requirements for connected consumer electronics devices.”

Another interesting announcement was made yesterday at the Intel Developer Forum by Canadian firm TransGaming, a partner of Intel which is bringing its GameTree gaming service to CE 4100-powered devices, making PC games capable of running in Linux-based Intel CE SoC environments.

Furthermore, since GameTree is cloud-based, it is “uniquely suited” to the modern and often diskless CE environment, according to US research firm The Diffusion Group.  Colin Dixon, Senior Partner at The Diffusion Group, adds that taken together, these announcements made at the Intel Developer Forum are a “powerful endorsement” for open Internet services.


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