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Top Best of the Web online project management Application for CEO’S and Entrepreneurs!

To turn out to be an innovative, Entrepreneurial Organization, employee engagement is essential. Business leaders are annoyed with email and groupware because it doesn’t break through the officialdom – usually it creates more. What they need is an innovative critical project based applications that capture and extend corporate social and intellectual capital, collaborate with project resources, manage project users, analyze risks, assign tasks, coordinate schedule.

Popular online project management applications address the following functions in getting things done:
•    Project planning
•    Task management
•    Document sharing
•    Contact management
•    Time tracking
•    Communication tools
•    Issue handling
•    Reports
•    Notifications

I have compiled the list Top Best of the Web online project management Application solution for CEO’S and Entrepreneurs!

1) Central Desktop

Central Desktop provides simple project collaboration tools for business teams.
Our tools help your business organize and share information efficiently, communicate with others and collaborate on projects.

2) Intervals

Intervals is a web-based service that marries time tracking and task management in a personalized online space with powerful reporting.

3) Wrike

Wrike is an integrated online project management solution that helps you manage projects, teams and businesses. By turning email overload into well-organized plans on the Web, Wrike makes your organization more efficient, transparent and agile. Wrike is collaborative, web-based, easy to use and inexpensive, so you can roll it out company-wide.

4) PlanHQ

PlanHQ is a web based business plan tool that turns your static document and spreadsheet into a dynamic and up-to-date overview of where you’re going and how you’re tracking.

5) Mindquarry

Mindquarry is an Open Source collaborative software platform for file sharing (documents, images, media files, etc.), task and project management, team collaboration and Wiki editing that meshes simplicity and functionality. As a result, knowledge workers are able to connect with team members and share information from wherever they are, effectively improving team-work and increasing productivity within the company.

6) Springloops

Springloops is a unique source code management tool focused on web development teams. It allows you to code in parallel and share your code safely concentrated on results, not on lost changes or overwritten files.

7) Toodledo

8) Tick


Premier leadership network! for chief executive officer’s chief operating officer’s, chief information officer’s or entrepreneurs etc. This is where top executives and entrepreneurs hang out for online business & professional networking and collaboration.

10) ProWorkflow

ProWorkflow, is a Project Task and Time Tracking Solution, designed to increase business efficiency, and individual accountability. ProWorkflow allows you to manage projects online, automate processes, and access your organization’s information anytime.

11) Iceberg

The Iceberg interface itself has also been improved allowing for the more flexible integration of dashboards right into your application.

12) Litmos

The Litmos training platform makes it easy to create, deliver and manage online training courses, communicate with trainees and track their progress.

13) OpenTeams

14) Ecto Connect

Ecto Connect is used to deliver mission critical project based applications that capture and extend corporate social and intellectual capital.

15) Zoho Projects

Task management with multiple members per task, priority & start/end dates. Set predecessor tasks for better project management.

16) Expectnation

17) Propertize

Propertize makes it easier than ever to collect rent and track your monthly income and expenses. Designed specifically for individual rental property owners, Propertize is a rental property management software application for the rest of us.

18) SantexQ

SantexQ, or “the Q” as we like to call it, is a web-based tool created to assist businesses in the detail-driven world of time and task management. Designed to enhance team efficiency, the Q keeps the critical information close by: the progress reports, deadlines and time budgets for all of your projects…all available at a glance.

19) Extremeplannerlive

Agile software development is a collection of methodologies (Extreme Programming, Scrum, Crystal, and Dynamic Systems development, etc.) designed to solve the problems associated with the long development cycles of traditional waterfall development methods.

20) Gtdagenda

Use Goals, Projects, Tasks, Checklists, Schedules and Calendar to manage your time and activities in the most efficient way.

21) Fixx

fixx simplifies your bug and issue tracking process and helps you deliver projects and write better software.

22) SAManage

Our SaaS Asset Management service allows you to track your PC and software assets and better manage your IT.

23) WorkflowPerfect

WorkflowPerfect is a FREE web-based business process tool that enables you to enforce your business process, track the status of work items and collaborate work among team members through electronic form routing and the concept of workflow — all from the convenience of your web browser.

24) MyCommittee

MyCommittee is designed especially for committees and boards and allows you to create and share meeting agendas, minutes and documents and provides your members, wherever they are, with a central location for the management and communication of committee work.
It just takes a minute to setup your committee!

25) OnStage

Sharing large files by email can be a real problem. Not with OnStage. Upload and download large files with ease. Your storage needs can be met with a comfortable degree of security.

26) DonorDrive

A Web-based software service designed to increase the development capacity of non-profit organizations. DonorDrive is a suite of simple to use tools to manage, mine, target and grow your constituency for raising awareness and donations.

27) Taskado

30) 5pm

5pm can be your central location for project and task management, team collaboration, time tracking, reporting and more…

31) WorkZone

WorkZone provides easy, web-based document sharing and project management.  Organize team projects, speed decisions, and enhance your client relationships. Access projects and documents 24 hours a day from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

32) Zendesk

33) Octabox

Octabox provides a lightweight alternative to business software such as Project Management, CRM, ERP, all integrated in one place.

34) Easy Projects

Easy Projects .NET is a project collaboration software system that was specifically designed to make web-based project management, task tracking and team collaboration hassle free and straightforward.

35) Comindwork

Comindwork features set was built during 6 years extensive usage of the best industry management collaboration and bug tracking tools. Comindwork integrated and improved the best features of MediaWiki, Trac, Jira, Basecamp, Clearquest, Weboffice and MS Project.

40) Jumpchart

41) Massage manEdger

The easiest way to build your massage practice is here. With Massage manEdger, you will enhance your client services and reduce the time you spend every week on client administration.

42) Joyent

Your web infrastructure can be dynamically expanded or reduced within minutes.

43) Ta-da List

Ta-da List is the web’s easiest to-do list tool. Make lists for yourself or share them with others. It couldn’t be simpler.

44) Planix

Planix is a hosted application that enables project teams to consistently and accurately estimate the resources, scheduling and cost of their software development projects.

45) OnePlaybook

OnePlaybook is a Internet-based application that helps sports coaches manage their team.

46) Joint Contact

Joint Contact is a state-of-the art project collaboration tool for sharing and managing information that is used by business owners, project managers, freelancers and independent professionals.

47) TaskDriver

TaskDriver is a unique task assignment based application developed specifically to meet today’s tough corporate standards of task assignment and tracking. It is a browser based thin client built with PHP/MySQL technologies.

48) b2bCRM

b2bCRM provides customers in- ternationally with safe web-based CRM solutions as well as great flexibility.

49) Minutesinminutes

50) Mindomo

Mindomo is a versatile Web-based mind mapping tool, delivering the capabilities of desktop mind mapping software in a Web browser – with no complex software to install or maintain.

51) Clarizen

Clarizen is a comprehensive system, intuitively usable by everyone.

52) Octopz

53) Timexchange


A suite of tools to manage your programme, project and sub-project milestones, budgets, expenses, risks, issues and changes.

55) OrgSync

56) Kahuna

57) Goplan

58) Teamspinner

Teamspinner is a flexible tool to guide your projects. Teamspinner does not constrain the structure of your projects and organization. With Teamspinner you can easily work together on a project with an outsourcing party or a freelancer without the need to expose anything else.

59) oDesk

Hire, Manage, and Pay remote contractors as if they were in your office.

60) Procore Construction Software

The Project Home page provides a useful “dashboard overview” of the current status of the project. By viewing Procore’s unique dashboard chart, any user can quickly see that status of key items on a project. Requests-for-Information (RFIs), change orders, construction project management tasks, and punch list items are all monitored using a red/yellow/green chart.

61) Undone

Undone is a productivity tool that lets you manage your ‘to do’ lists and the bigger projects that they belong to.

62) Officelive

63) Endeve

endeve in an invoice management program for people and businesses. With endeve, you will issue your invoices, manage your clients and check your revenues fast and easily.

64) ProjectPipe

ProjectPipe is the world’s best project management tool for small-to-midsize teams.

65) Time-Assistant

It is a daily time tracking solution designed to reduce the drudgery of recording, analyzing and reporting associated with everyday working routine. With Time-Assistant you can easily manage employee timesheets and expenses, calculate salaries, prepare project estimates, get invoices based on personal or client work rates.

66) Complore

67) WhoDoes2.0

WhoDoes 2.0 is the new version of the web-based application for the collaborative management of projects and coordination of the team.

68) Copper

Copper revolutionizes project management software, with intuitive client, project, and task views, custom project reports, gantt, file uploads, timesheets and other features that become indispensable for everyone in your organization.

69) Wridea

Wridea is a web service first to avoid ideas being forgotten, then to organize and improve those ideas by giving you the opportunity to share your ideas with friends and necessary tools to improve your ideas by yourself and individually.

70) FLEXlists

Create lists of Tasks, Addresses, To do’s, Songs, Books, Movies, Wishes and more! And what about a glossary, a project plan or bug tracking? It’s all possible and easy!

71) Vertabase

72) DocLanding

DocLanding provides online document management in minutes allowing you to securely manage, retrieve and share your information 24/7.

73) Yutiti

Yutiti makes resource scheduling easy and effective. Including all essential features it makes it perfect and handy tool for scheduling and planning. Resources might include people, machines, vehicles, rooms, facilities, various equipment and other resources.

74) Tactile CRM

Tactile CRM is an easy to use, cost effective, web based simple CRM, contact and sales management system designed for small businesses.

75) Teamwork Project Manager

Teamwork Project Manager is an easy-to-use online teamwork & project management software application that helps managers, staff and clients work together more productively online.

76) DeskAway

DeskAway gives you an accurate view of your project progress and eliminates common problems when working in teams: email spam, multiple file versions, lost files, task accountability issues, lack of clarity & work transparency.

77) ProjectStat

78) Skemma

79) Grouploop

Simple web-based software to organize your committee. Group messaging, calendar, file sharing, RSVP system, and more!

80) RentYield

The ideal rental property management tool for landlords and real estate investors. RentYield saves you hours at tax time, allows you to stay on top of your rental income and quickly determines your properties’ performance for you.

81) Myquire

82) ProjectSpaces

ProjectSpaces is a simple, secure, and powerful online workspace and extranet tool to help your project teams, workgroups, committees, partners, and others easily connect, share and collaborate.

83) Autotask

84) Eproject

Daptiv is the on-demand leader in collaborative business software that enables companies of all sizes to transform their mid-office business operations. From new product development to operations and service delivery, Daptiv’s on-demand solutions streamline employees’ day-to-day interaction and collaboration while dramatically reducing the complexity of managing multiple teams, projects and tasks.

85) 16bugs

86) Moveme

87) WORKetc

89) Devshop

Devshop is a hosted project management application specifically designed for planning software projects. Not planning weddings, or building roads – just software.

90) LetsProve

A online life-stream service which help you to keep up-to-date on activities that your friends and family are doing. Any activities like bloging, photos, reading news etc.


Increase productivity with online collaboration software. Our integrated collaboration software includes calendar, project management, data backup, and social networking software.

92) MindSalt

93) Ovosuite

94) JIRA

JIRA lets you prioritise, assign, track, report and audit your ‘issues,’ whatever they may be — from software bugs and help-desk tickets to project tasks and change requests.

95) Lightspoke

Lightspoke is so powerful we can build most applications with very little effort. It’s like a power tool for business problems. Most applications in Lightspoke does not require programming knowledge and can be easily tweaked to stay relevant to your business process.

96) Inventiondb

97) Chaordix

98) Workspace Workspace is a online development environment that facilitates the complete management of your Web-based projects. With a syntax highlighting editor built right in, it provides the ability to edit text, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Perl, SQL and other types of files directly on a remote server.

99) Lighthouse

Tight integration between your inbox and your projects. Not only do you get notifications, you can also update and create new tickets directly from your email.

100) rCache

101) Huddle

Huddle combines online collaboration, online project management and document sharing using social networking principles.

102) Feedback2.0

103) Gradefix

104) Projectplace

Projectplace is Europe’s leading web based Project Management and Team Collaboration software with 400.000 users in 6 languages.

105) Sosius

Sosius is an online workspace, accessible from any PC or Mac, that lets you create and collaborate. No software to buy and set up. Powerful and flexible, yet easy to use.

106) GroupSwim

GroupSwim Collaboration and GroupSwim Forums, your employees, customers, and partners connect easily to share ideas and make decisions quickly. Join thousands of GroupSwim customers helping their businesses collaborate and communicate more effectively.

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