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Apple company spokeswoman: Steve Jobs remains CEO. His health? None of your business.

Peter Oppenheimer, Apple’s chief financial officer, said “Steve loves Apple. He serves as CEO at the pleasure of the board and he has no plans to leave Apple. Steve’s health is a private matter.”Apple reported profit and revenue that set a new record for its fiscal third quarter, but its shares fell 6% before the analyst call began. By the time the call was over, Apple’s shares were trading 11% lower than at the close of regular trading.

When Jobs appeared at a conference in June to show off the iPhone 3G, it caused a mini-sensation.A company spokeswoman explained later that Jobs, 53, had been suffering from “a common bug” and had been treated by antibiotics. End of story, right?

Question: Is Steve Jobs still sick?

When I saw his appearance during the iPhone event, I thought whoa! Well he does not look. I hope all is well, but the answer, it is a private matter!
Like most fans of Apple, I’m also a fan of Steve Jobs and all he has achieved. I pray he just lost a few pounds fighting a cold in recent weeks.

When several Apple bloggers called attention to Steve Jobs’ gaunt appearance at last Monday’s WWDC keynote, we were reminded of a fact few wish to face: Steve Jobs will not head Apple forever.

But the reality is someday he will leave Apple, whether it’s for health reasons or some other unforeseeable event. What then?

The story percolated on Apple-related blogs as well as financial blogs, contributing to a 7 percent drop in AAPL. (The stock fell $4.03 the day of the keynote but closed at $185.64 on Tuesday. From there it slid $13.27 to close at $172.37 on Friday. Analyst excitement this week over prospects for the 3G iPhone has pushed AAPL back to the $180 range.)

Is it true Apple will fail without Steve Jobs?

Do you think company with great products and high sales will just collapse overnight?

Much of the speculation about Steve Jobs’ rail-thin appearance at the unveiling of the new iPhone.

After seeing the picture for myself, I feel like the story got blown way out of proportion. Although svelte in his turtleneck and jeans, Steve Jobs has always been a bit on the skinny side. When you only see a weird camera angle taken while Steve is making a strange face, I suppose one could jump to the conclusion that Steve has gotten a bit “gaunt.”

While of course i am all wishing Jobs only the best of health, investors may want to know more about Apple’s succession plan. Who may be next in line should Jobs have to take time off or retire? It would be difficult to imagine any name that wouldn’t create pressure on the stock price. The commonly cited ones — Timothy Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer, and Philip Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide product marketing — are well respected, but lack the visionary status Jobs has.

No doubt, if Jobs’ looks don’t improve, investors will demand more disclosure and the very private CEO may not have a choice but to appease them. Let’s hope that just like this time, there would be nothing material to disclose in the future too.

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